Sunday, January 15, 2006


only 12:30, and already two lessons learned


it's been a rollercoaster of a half hour. (I got up at noon)

First, I woke up, and glanced at Major Tom's bowl, since I figured it was time to feed him. Weekends are rough on the poor guy - during the week he first gets fed at 7:30. On the weekends, it's anyone's guess when I'll wake up and tend to the whole "meal" thing.

So his bowl looked all bubbly and weird. I went over there, and Major Tom was at the bottom, all pale and transparent-like. I stuck my finger in, and it came out practically frostbitten. Going immediately into crisis management mode, I flew to the bathroom with the bowl in hand, poured out half, then added hot water in its place.

The water pressure made Mjr. Tom spin around, but I figured that could be a way of reviving his little heart. Then I brought his habitat back to its place on my bureau, re-attached his little plant, and I thought the water still felt too cold. So I emptied four shot glasses of it, and added some more really hot water. Then I finally fed the little guy.

LESSON ONE: Although the room may be too stifling for my (or anyone's) taste, parking the fish bowl in front of the wide open sliding door may not be the best plan of action for Major Tom's vitality.

So, I got an IM from a friend this morning saying something along the lines of "I was in DC yesterday and I didn't see you! I called and texted you, but...nothing."

LET ME ENGAGE IN SOME SELF-FLAGELLATION RIGHT NOW. This friend. We were super tight freshman year (memories!) but he decided that he hated Catholic, and left after that year. We've kept in touch, mostly via IM, but we haven't seen each other since that tearful (well, on my part, haha) goodbye.

And I was an IDIOT and forgot to tell him that I had changed my cell number after my previous phone had stopped working. So, he had tried the number that I had had for four years, but no dice. He was at GW! And "where everybody knows your name!" Like, 4 miles away from me!


LESSON TWO: Even if you haven't talked on the phone with someone for like, two-three years, give them your new number. You never know when they'll be five miles away.

Tian. If you read this. Come to our party. There'll be sheet cake.

sheet cake?? I'm afraid to ask!!
So, IS your fish ok then?
It took me forever to guess that Mr. Tom is a fish.

Don't worry about the phone number thing, stuff like that happens.
to answer mona's questions

a) sheet cake is fairly cheap cake at any grocery store...white cake, white frosting. So good!

b) major tom is A-OK. Thank goodness. I didn't realize how ridiculously attached I am until he was practically dead!
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