Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Thanks, Stranger!

This morning I was waiting to cross a busy intersection, almost to work. It's a one way, and the light had turned red. I stepped off the sidewalk, anticipating the little flashing walk man.

The man came on when I was about 1/4 the way across the street, I think. But then I heard a siren start up, and a police officer turned on his lights, across the intersection, and it seemed as though he was intending to head my way.

I paused in the middle, unsure what to do. If I stopped to let the police car pass, there was a danger of me getting hit a) by the police car or b) by the other cars getting out of the police car's way. If I went, I would possibly impede justice, and the prospect of getting flattened was very likely.

A man stepped off the sidewalk on the curb opposite, and I decided to go for it, and began to run/skedaddle to safety. As he passed me, he said one word, urgently.


I kept going, and got on the sidewalk right as the police car passed behind me. Turning back at the watchful stranger, he had made it safe to other side as well. I waited, to somehow convey that I appreciated his message, but he didn't look back.

One word, one instance of caring, had such an impact. I hope he somehow knows that it meant something to me...the stupid girl, stopped in the middle of the street.

I feel like even a little communication between strangers is not something often seen. I've never been able to understand what's so hard about saying "good morning" to someone with whom you make eye contact while passing in the hall, or "have a good one" to the security guard on the way out. Little stuff like that can make someone's day.
I find myself saying hello to many people each day, almost exclusively when I'm driving my car. It usually involves a hand gesture and a phrase along the lines of "Is that how they drive in Tianamen Square, bitch??!"

Tolerance rules.
Once I was so deep in thought while walking to uni. that I stopped paying attention to the lights and just kept walking by habit. At one point some lady grabs my arm pretty violently, my instant reaction was "hey lady let me go!" turns out she probably saved me from some serious injury becuase I was about to cross a busy intersection while it was green for the cars..and I hadn't even noticed-thank god for strangers!!!
Dang, look at you, flaunting your law-breaking right in front of the popo. Never let it be said that you don't live dangerously, Meg.
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