Friday, January 13, 2006



I'm thinking of staying in and watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith, followed by the usual with E, when she gets out of work.

if anyone wants to join me for a relaxed movie night + dancing like a goofball, let me know!

Ooo, that's a good movie. :-)
I think I'm gonna make my way to the local bar and show off the sinister mustache I've been cultivating.
But I liked that movie.
I think I saw Kung Fu Hustle right after it.
Now that is a sill ass enjoyable movie.
Have a good night.
I haven't seen the film, Meg I'm tempted to say I'll join..but considering it was yesterday and well it would make an awfully expensive night out! If ever I make it back to DC though I will be sure to check out te local bars with you :)
Hey!! I just saw your links :)
I love you guys for finding something to comment on even when it's a weeny little post. Thank you!
Geez Meg, what a short post!
Dirty thief.
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