Friday, February 10, 2006


A Cast of Characters

So tonight my friends and I went to this bar that we recently started patronizing. Kinda a lot. So much so that I haven't been to The Times in....*pregnant pause*....almost TWO weeks. I know.

On the drive back (I was DD, though the girls were 98 % sober) we were talking about the merits of this new-to-us place. First, it's nicely shaped. The main floor is rambling, with widely accessible bars. There's a bit of room to dance, and that space is also the "mingling space." In addition to the two bars, there is a back room that's pretty huge, and seems to be empty most of the time. Also, there is a top floor, and that seems to be empty most of the time too. This area has another bar, and a little sitting/dancing area. There is also the main staircase, which we can use to make an entrance over and over again throughout the night.

So it has a nice floorplan, and there are spots to hide away and talk with friends (newfound or otherwise) outside of the blast of the speakers. So it has that going for it.

Secondly (and this is actually the main reason we like it, I think), it seems as though the guys there are oddly receptive to us. The guys there want to talk to us, and get in good conversations. They want to dance with us, but they're not all uber-sketchy. There is a bit of an older crowd, so - now, this is a generalization, so it's not entirely correct - it has a bit more of a mature feel to it.

Or maybe they're more drunk, I don't know. But they're super friendly.

I interacted with a couple of random people tonight:

Sharon: a guy from Sharon, Massachusetts. Was on our welcoming committee, and introduced us to his friends. Was disappointed when we invariably ran away.

"Old guy looking at us": This guy was watching the three of us while we were dancing, and we could tell he was going to make a move. We just weren't sure how. It became apparent when he came up to me, put his hand on my back, and asked for my advice about something. Me, give advice? Hi, I moonlighted as a columnist during the summer. The dilemma? His friend's new girlfriend found a shoebox of memorabilia from the friend's last relationship in friend's closet. Was she psycho for being antsy about it? We definitely did not think so. I advised the friend (who did not seem to want our advice) to talk to his girlfriend and ask her what would make her feel comfortable. Because the important thing was making the person you care about comfortable. We escaped when C-note and E said "Well! We gotta go check out guys now!"

DOD: This guy approached me about my Syracuse hat, and we talked for a bit. He mentioned a girlfriend. Good to know, and I went on my merry way to get some water. Where I met...

England: Still in school, at AU. Short and sporting a leather coat. Kept mentioning that he went to London for a semester. Clearly kind of uneasy in the bar setting. I think he had come alone, and we waved to each other several times across the room.

After dancing with friends, laughing at the moon, DOD approached me again, and I eventually pointedly asked about his girlfriend. He informed me that, actually, she's just this girl that he's been dating, but they're not officially together. Apparently she really likes him, but he's not feeling it. She's a sweet girl, and she's growing on him, but he's not sure if he should feel a spark without trying. We then chatted about his job, and traveling. He went to Greece for a year, I went to Italy for a week. Common Ground! When I left, I asked him to be kind to the girl.

Danced a bit more with the girls and DV - they all always makes me laugh when dancing - and then a really drunk guy came up to me. I'll call him -

Tall: Was obsessed with the fact that I'm tall. Asked me questions like "Do you ever sit down to try to hide your height?" "Do you find that a lot of guys want to date you because you're tall?" He also said stuff like "I wish I were sober, because usually I'm witty. I'm trying to pull it together." The line of the night was "I can't take it, your jeans and your pointy shoes and curves."

And I'd to point out right here, for all of you, especially for my baby bro, that I was not dressed revealingly. Jeans, kind of rounded toe flats, a long sleeved t-shirt with a collar to my neck, and my green blazer.

Tall was in love with me. Tall was very drunk. I got Tall's number, since he was taking 20 minutes to get to the point of asking for mine (for real) and I felt like cutting to the chase. Will I call Tall? I don't know. The reason he was out getting drunk was because a "semi-girlfriend from work" decided that she didn't want to be his semi-girlfriend anymore. And all of his male work friends didn't understand that getting drunk wasn't the answer. Hmm.

Do I have rebound written all over me? Because that's what it feels like lately.

I also briefly danced with this huge dude, who was like "let's bump and grind!" or something, and I told him that I didn't do that, not with people I don't know. So he held my hand and we did some dancing, leaving room for the Holy Spirit, and he said that he could tell that I felt it in my soul. hahaha.

Now, that was just me. Imagine all the attention hotties C-note and E got!

We love this place. (and did I mention that if you bring your own cup on Thursdays, you get beer for a dollar? Up to 64 ounces.) The only catch? The bartenders are kind of jerky. Think Gotti Bros. attitude. If only I could take Wallace with me from The Times.

And where is this wonderful new bar in dc madam?
The Times I used to frequent, partly because it was right down the street from the High School I used to teach at. And the Capitol Lounge which I enjoyed, burned down.

At least it sounds like you had a god time. Rebound is a relative term, I've never done it, but I know plenty that have. I usually assosciate rebound with serious relationships, not semi secret quasi girlfriends.
You used to teach at Gonzaga?!?! When?
Two observations:

This place sounds eerily like McFaddens.

A guy who mentions a gf, and then later says she's just "someone he's dating" is completely lying...he's most likely been dating her for a while. He just misses the game and is making the awkward attempt at flirting. I should know...we can smell our own.
couple of years ago, sadly I think they have forgotten me....
JC, way to ruin my game!!

TB - when? we have a friend who went there. and he teaches there now.
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whoops almost gave away my anonymity.
The last time I was there as a teacher was 2004.....
1000 words, meg!
I wouldn't call any one who uses the term "semi-girlfriend." Can't wait to see you next week! Oh yeah, and before I forget, bring home Mr. & Mrs. Smith next weekend!
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