Monday, February 13, 2006



The essence of a person, those things that you don't know, but want to find out when you're attracted to someone, want to get to know him. Things like...his last name. Seeing where he lives. His email address. You know, basic stalking stuff. Things that aren't important to the masses, but suddenly become important to you because it's someone you care about, and you're collecting his information like beanie babies.

Or other things that are intangible. Favorite foods, the way that he smells, the color of his eyes in sunlight, and the color when it's dark. What he dreams about at night. What he's afraid of. The butterflies that alight when you hear his name. The way that you can't help but turn after you separate, to get one last look.

If someone is so wonderful to you, but you don't want to know those things...does that mean the spark won't come? That it won't ignite? Or is it just taking its time?

It doesnt necessarily mean that you'll never feel that spark- you've got to give it time to let things happen. Sometimes its "love at first sight," sometimes it happens after you've been friends for awhile- weeks, months, or years.
It shouldn't be forced, either- if you get to talking and learn these things about someone and you still feel that you arent in that place where you are BOTH ready to take the next step, then don't take that step- you dont want to be in a situation or relationship where you feel uncomfortable or you are lying to yourself or the other person. You may be able to remain friends (a la Jerry and Elaine on Seinfeld)!
Thanks Caitlin! I love you. We felt the spark right away, I think. ;-)
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