Tuesday, February 28, 2006



It will be the most fun in the world. (as I-66 keels over and dies because I'm participating in another trend.) I've played in four pickup games. Out of all of those games, I got home once, got on base two other times, and caught maybe two balls. But they still let me play.


It's $47, the season runs from March 19 - July, with games on Sunday afternoons. Drinking and debauchery after at the Ugly Mug (in Eastern Market).

TEAM NAME: Cack'n'Ballaz. (shirt color is yellow)
We're a new team. Only 12 people. We need some more, otherwise we'll have to forfeit frequently. And that would be very embarrassing, as well as no fun.

The people are super nice - they know all of our names, and are very welcoming. Even understanding when someone like me changes teams not once, but two times.

Please. Give it a thought. And this is an open invitation - CUAers, buddies, random blog people.


Now now... I've nothing to say about this. I play on 2 teams in different divisions in a coed soccer league. Who would I be to argue against kickball? (I actually was going to join a team were it not for the fact that it conflicted directly with soccer nights -- and let's face it, for me soccer league comes before kickball league)
oooh kickball! Id join just so that I can eat the nachos and potato skins afterwards at the bar :) Unfortunately it'd be a bitch of a commute for me
Oh yeah, and love the Fordham shirt with purple uggs :) and fyi jean mini skirts and uggs are sort of a trend haha (either with leggings or without) When I get stuck standing at the front of AE I study what people are wearing when they walk by the store to pass the time- Uggs are still in full force everywhere except Hollywood I think haha, those bitches arent satisfied with anything
dude if i could i promise i would
If I still went to Catholic, I probably would strongly consider it. But it would be a long trip and I'd be a bit out of my age group.
Where are you1?!
and when did you turn 23??!
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