Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Love, Sweet Love

About to go out with C-note and E. Look out, World! (or, you know, the bar)

Why I love DC:

A homeless man worked tirelessly to boost my ego today as I walked in and out of CVS. My favorite lines: "Oh!! You're so gorgeous, you gave me whiplash!" and "Don't go breaking any hearts tonight!"

Oh, homeless people. You will always have a big place in my heart.

On my way back from work, the Metro driver was calling his speeding locomotive "The Love Train." As in "This is The Love Train, pulling into Metro Center, in the direction of Glenmont. Happy Valentine's Day, and have a wonderful night." "All Aboard the Love Train!"

The love train! How can I not love the Metro, with employees like that?

Love Actually...IS all around. You don't need a man to see it, open your eyes and notice it in your friends. And if you don't have any close friends...look at the people around, carrying the flowers. Smiling at little kids carrying balloons that say "Be Mine."

I'm not bitter this year. It's fantastic. Happy St. Valentine's Day! <3

So glad I don't need a man to see it. I was about to despair.

Happy Valentines Day Meg
This is my 20th consecutive Valentines day that I am single.

I'm cool with that.
First time here and I LOVE it.
Remind me to thank True for AGAIN pointing me in the direction of an amazing person.
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