Wednesday, February 01, 2006


No! Bad! No!

okay. My workplace gets a Washington Post, for the use of the people who work in the building. It is placed in the lunchroom, a communal area.

Someone keeps stealing the Style section, and it's REALLY PISSING ME OFF. That is the best has the comics, Ask Amy (and occasionally Carolyn), John Kelly's Washington, and all the fun fashion/flighty articles. It's a nice lunch time read.

Or rather, I gather it would be, if the person would not steal it for just one day. And when I say "the person," I'm being nice, since we all know who it is that takes it. It's an old lady.

Since I'm all about activism lately, I'm thinking of taking the bull by the horns and remedying the situation.

option #1: going the post-it/passive aggressive route, and leaving a message on the paper in the morning when I go to drop off my lunch. Something along the lines of "I hate you, die stupid old lady." Or, "The Style section lights up my life. Please keep it here."

option #2: go the "Getting it did" route, by emailing "" asking that the paper is left in the lunchroom. I don't have the authority to do this...but why the hell not? They can't stop me.

option #3: complaining to the HR lady. Then, much like I would with option #2, I run the risk of looking petty. Or you know, showing my true petty colors.

option #4: when I get there in the morning, taking a few minutes to photocopy the Style section, and then putting it on the table, and labeling it "The Style Section for THE REST OF US."

option #5: I could always hide the Style section in a cabinet, and whip it out around noon when I grace everyone with my presence. (but that would make me just as bad as the thief).

Bub just told me some of his ideas....
bub: And I say you staple the style section to the rest of the paper in the morning
bub: or no, glue it
bub: so that they can't remove it
bub: or
bub: write on the cover "don't even think about it buddy"

I wish I had my partner in vengeful crime here with me to take action! For past adventures, reference "the pickup car on the side of the road" incident, August 11 and 12.

I'll do something tomorrow. I'm thinking photocopying, if I get to work early enough. I'll keep you posted, and possibly with pictures.

by the way, I just spilled pepsi on my keyboard. sigh.

Definitely do the photocopy one, FTW!
Put a homing device on the Style section and track it to the offender's desk.

Walk up and catch her red-handed. Say you won't tell anyone if she gives you $5.71, a cupcake, 2 french fries, and a piece of scotch tape.
you could always spend the additional $.50 and buy your own paper for use in your office only and bring it with you to the breaak room and be like "oooo look at me. who's the big cheese now? thats right i have my own paper!"
not sure about this one Meg..tough call, but you made ma laugh!!
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