Friday, February 17, 2006



This week I'm sticking to the brevity theme, I suppose.

Last night my laptop exploded in my lap...well. I wasn't even using it, and the screen turned a lovely cream color, with thin red and blue vertical stripes. What would be an adorable shirt was a horrifying look for my computer. I tried to turn it back on, etc etc. This morning it turned on, only to look all static-y and matrix-like. And it just did that a minute ago. So, my solution at the moment is to pretend that nothing is wrong and that it will go away, but if anyone has any actual real ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and it had passed its virus scan on Monday with flying colors, so I don't think that's it.

All of that is to say that I'm on C-note's computer. Thanks girl!

I called my dad this morning to say happy birthday, he responded with the news that my great aunt passed away yesterday. Saddened and shocked, I managed to compartmentalize until I talked to my mom on the phone 15 minutes later. I was in my office, struggling to not cry - you know how it is when you know that if you say one thing, just open your mouth, it will all come out? So I went into the bathroom, finished the conversation, and gathered myself. Tried to smooth my hair (that was due to the humidity and my poor brushing skills, however), splashed my face with water, and attempted to will the redness out of my eyes.

I was supposed to fly home tomorrow, to go skiing in NH with my family - but instead, half of my family is coming down here. My grandparents are flying up, my mom down, six of my aunts and uncles are making the eight hour drive tonight. So, instead of flying from Dulles tomorrow morning...I'm going to BWI tomorrow afternoon to meet with my mom and grandparents, then we're going to drive to undisclosed-to-blog-world location. Saturday night I'm flying home with my mom, Sunday we're driving to NH, Tuesday we're driving back home, Wednesday I'm flying back here.

Just cause I know all of you are fascinated by my wherebouts.

I read this a couple of weeks ago, I forget where:

"When an old person dies, a library burns."

and here I was going to make a joke about something exploding in your lap...

...instead, I offer my condolences.
Sorry about the Aunt and the computer Meg.
Sorry to hear that Meg. Here's hoping it's an Irish Funeral. A celebration of life and all it's joys.
Meg- I'mnot sure about the laptop..did you spill water on it maybe?

My condolences for your great aunt- and a library does burn, but the information is passed on and you create your own which is a part of hers as well,..
About the laptop, it's pretty sad, well not really but all the same, that two of CPIT'S best have no idea how to fix it.
thanks guys. :-)

I'll write more about the Wake/Funeral later, but let's just say that there isn't any occasion that is too serious with my six uncles around...

RE the laptop. A splash of Pepsi. Three weeks ago. Delayed reaction, maybe?
We all need to chip to buy a new computer for Meg so that we can keep on growing in the goo.
My weekly Goo has been sorely missed.

My condolences, Meggers.
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