Tuesday, March 28, 2006


amelia bedelia

I almost fell twice on the train. ** The first time I blushed, because some random guy had to reach out and grab my arm. I called him "my hero" and I think he took it a bit too heavily, because then he kept giving me glances.

The second time I was within reach of a pole.

I also forgot to sign my credit card slip where I got breakfast, and they had to shout to me to come back.


Must have been the "slow love songs" playlist on my ipod shooting me out to space!

** One of my coworkers asked me "fell on the train?!" and I realized that I should be more clear. "I almost fell twice while riding the train."

This is why I desire to smash my iPod when it plays a bunch of slow songs in a row...

...if you have a playlist of them then you have nobody to blame but yourself ;)
Personally, I think your clumsy side is charming :-)
I have to catch foolish people like you every day. :angry face
Not very confident of you.
i-66: I'm going to email you my playlist, just for that!

CP: glad you could witness me dropping my pocketbook today, then.

bub: I thank you on behalf of all that you have caught.

rem: ahh hahaha. touche, robert!
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