Tuesday, March 28, 2006


bedside manner

I went to the doctor today, she gave me medicine that works both to kill a possible infection in my foot (yummy) and battle my cold.

Symptoms? Kinda red toe. Dry cough. Occasional runny nose. Some soreness in one half of the throat.

Possible Side Effect of medicine: headache. dry nose. throat irritation. sneezing. nose bleeds.

I'm not too sure about the doctor. I'm supposed to sign her up as my PCP, and I have a physical set for late May, but I wasn't feeling any sparks. She came in, asked what the problem was, ordered my sock off. Kind of bossed me around, told me that I was probably wrong on what's been going on. Prescribed the antibiotic. I mentioned my cold, she was like "Well, this will help that too." I sort of felt as brushed off as a day-old crumb on a table.

Clacking away at the computer, she kind of just turned at me, and was looking at me, and said "You can put your sock back on." Awkward pause. I then asked if we were done, and she said "Yes, we're done."

It was then that I understand the PR propaganda littering her waiting room. Dr. R cares about you! Dr. R will do the best she can to help you as soon as possible. Dr. R is your friend! I thought the smile in her little picture appeared a bit forced.

The thing is...I haven't lost hope that there's a House-like figure lingering inside of her. This is all based on the fact that she was sporting a hot pink plastic watch on her wrist. Cold-hearted beings don't wear pink. Right?

And, if she were a bad doctor, wouldn't she have an open appointment before May 30th?

And, do I really want a best friend as a doctor? My thinking for doctors runs along the same lines as hair stylists and manicurists. You do your job, I sit there staring into space, I tip you well when it's all done. Maybe we'll talk, maybe we won't. Let's see where our professional relationship runs. You don't want my conversation and mundane insights forced upon you...and I'm on the same page in terms of your thoughts.

Wow, I'm a curmudgeon. Is that a side effect as well?

PS I'm catching the American Idol recap right now (HAUS is on!)...and they all stink.

so there!

"I'm not too sure about the doctor. I'm supposed to sign her up as my PCP, and I have a physical set for late May, but I wasn't feeling any sparks."

I'm sorry, but I'd be lieing if I said I didn't laugh out loud at that, haha. I dunno, you do only see your doctor what, two or three times a year? If she seems qualified (although I can't imagine an UNqualified doctor), and her office is convenient, I'd say just stick with her.
perhaps she was having a bad day? like, she just got coughed on by an old geezer or something.... I'd be pissed if I had flecks of some sick person's spit all over my face. doesnt make it right to be rude though.... no one beats nancy drew!
Hair stylists and manicurists don't have to look at anyone's ugly bits, though. Unless one has really ugly hair/fingernails. Pedicurists, now. They're in line with the doctors in my books. Oh! And bikini line waxers!
Dude!!! That is so messed UP! I went through the same crap with my idiot computer guys at work yesterday!

I'm at the office for an hour, right, and all of a sudden my computer isn't working and I am P.O.! It's the same damn problem every time, too, and I was just WAITING for one of those arrogant SOB's to tell me to reboot my computer because I was so angry that I just wanted to rip him a new one! Just as I thought, right after I tell him that my PC wasn't working again for the 100th friggin' time what's the first stupid thing to come out of his mouth? Reboot your computer! IDIOT! How many times do I have to reboot it before he gets off his lazy ass and comes to my desk to fix it??!?!

So man, I just go OFF on him and he starts stuttering and everything before he FINALLY says he'll check it out! AN HOUR LATER he decides to show up and he starts ordering ME around, telling me to get up from my chair and asking me "What did YOU do to it?" I'm like "WHAT?!?! I didn't do ANYTHING!" and I mumble "asshole" under my breath. My friends tell me they have the same problem at their jobs too... If it wasn't for me and the business I bring into this company this little pee-on wouldn't even HAVE a job! I make like 3 times more than his salary and he's telling ME that I f**ked it up?!?! Who the hell does he think he is?!?!

Anyway, he keeps asking me the same stupid questions like what did I download or install or what was I doing when it crashed?!?! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL THIS DOPE that I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING!! Hey, all you computer nerds out there... It just crashed! It was working FINE before and all of a sudden it just STOPPED WORKING!! SIMPLE! We pay you to FIX OUR COMPUTERS, so STOP ACCUSING US of breaking them! If you DID YOU FRIGGIN' JOBS IT WOULDN'T BREAK IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

So get a load of this crap... about 3 or 4 hours later (which I couldn't do any work!) he FINALLY gets the stupid thing working again. I ask him what he did to fix it, and he says something like my Excel file was damaged, too big or some other techno-babble that I don't have TIME to listen too! He goes on to say that I need to split my spreadsheets in two! DUDE!!! THIS IS A BUSINESS AND NOT YOUR LITTLE CRAPPY VIDEO GAME COMPUTER!! Just because HE can't fix my PC doesn't mean I'M going to waste my time making two files when I'm making this company MONEY!!

How's that old saying go? "Can't live with a computer idiot, can't shoot them either?" I can get his ass fired though!!!
You know... As I was writing the above comment I had a dilemma... Do I reveal the truth now or watch how many people hang themselves with their own rope... The ONLY reason why I'm choosing the former is because you have a medical condition...

Let me get my point out of the way first... Swallow your pride and tell us the absolute TRUTH! Why is your pride more imporant then the constant pain you STILL HAVE IN YOUR TOE AS YOU ARE READING THIS? It doesn't matter what you actually SAY or WRITE because you are punishing your toe if you're lying to yourself but your toe wouldn't be hurting if you would just focus on the most important thing of all... making your toe NOT hurt!!!

How about this... I get PAID whether your computer works or not. PERIOD. Your doctor gets PAID whether your toe is healed or not. I have to TROUBLESHOOT the cause of the problem by asking the user questions just as your doctor does. I don't give a crap whether you DID download porn or installed an unauthorized program on your PC or not, I just want to know WHAT you did so I can UN-DO it! Your doctor could care less if you did something with your toe that nobody really wants to hear or if you stepped on a splinter three days ago in Alaska while ice fishing, he just wants to know WHAT you did so he can UN-DO it!

Doctors and IT Techs are troubleshooters. The good ones know how things work and have an idea of how to fix common problems. The bad ones know how things work and instead of arguing with you will just diagnose whatever ailments you've described to get your annoying ass out the door (By the way, you could sue them but I don't know of ANY successful lawsuit against a doctor where he prescribed medication based on what the patient told him!). How do you know if you have one of the GREAT ones? It's easy... No matter how much you torture or demean them they'll still try to find a way to get you to tell them the truth so they can actually HELP YOU!

How do you know that I'm trying to help you rather than trying to be an arrogant prick? That's easy too... I actually stuck my neck out and posted these comments for the general public to see even though I know I'm a sitting duck for endless abuse.

You don't need to hear Good Luck or Hope You Feel Better from anybody because you don't need luck or hope; you need to tell your doctor every single symptom you have, EVEN if you DON'T think it's relevant, so you can get BETTER!
She was the doctor who graduated at the bottom of her class, Meg.

No-one says about her "Oh, she's the best", because, well, she's the worst.

That's all.

Yo, WTF is up with that guy??? His computer crashes, and he takes it out on the universe (through your blog)???

Seeing as how you are a reasonable, rational individual, I would guess that you told your doctor every symptom you had...but perhaps spared your readership (read: not- doctors) the gory details. And I (unlike some people, apparently) can appreciate that. They don't call it "doctor-patient confidentiality" for nothing.

Anyway, I have heard some good reviews of doctors that I might go to...but going to them would involve a trek to VA, so let me know whether or not you're interested in hearing about that.
bub: sparks are essential. never settle for less!

caitlin: should be a bumper sticker: "best friends share gynecologists." ;-)

n: interesting take. I'm very picky about pedicures!

gerard v: while I admit that sometimes I have a bit of pride...I greatly appreciate it, for it keeps me from doing things that I regret - I wasn't too proud to tell my doctor what was wrong with my foot, or what had happened. I just did not want to tell everyone in blog world - especially the random lurkers - every detail of what is going on in my life.

You had well-intentioned, though misdirected, advice.

Oh, and please don't make brash generalizations about people on my blog. I know several lovely and competent IT folks. And I make it a habit to NOT torture and demean people. I find such behavior abhorrent and childish.

And well, in case anyone is wondering, my foot is healing nicely (redness going away! yes!) and my cough is gone.

Wombat, thank you for your help. I will keep that in mind...all signs seem to be pointing towards "switch!"

Mel: right-o!
wtf? There's a story behind the story?
ha I just read this post!!
Meg, regardless of her profession she doesn't seem like a nice person...if you're not comfortable with your pcp, (I assume that means "regular" dr..?)then you may have more trouble telling them exactly whats wrong etc..if I were you I would go Dr hunting, can you?
and do you really tip Dr's!?
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