Friday, March 17, 2006



Did you know...

That D.J.'s full name is Donna Jo?

That Jennifer Aniston was in the movie leprechaun?

The things you learn when home sick. I was a little concerned about calling in, due to the suspicious nature of it all. Hi, I have an Irish name, the Irish skin, hail from the land of the Irish Catholics. But for the past two weeks, I've also been blowing my nose non-stop, started with a cough yesterday, and have been speaking in an alluring (scratch that - more like "annoying") scratchy voice since Sunday.

Last night E and I went to the 24 hour Dupont Circle CVS for the express purpose of buying cold medicine. E bought some too, seeing as how I made her sick. And C-note. And my co-workers.

So we float through the electronic doors, balk slightly at the long line, and our inner compasses bring us to the candy aisle. I walk around, filling up my arms. I went in for cold medicine, I left with
- NyQuil
- tissues
- carmex
- lip balm
- toothpaste
- toothbrush (why not?)
- shampoo, conditioner. Says on bottle, under directions (and I kid you not) "Give every strand of hair a massage and a juicy kiss."
- cadbury mini-eggs (the big bag)
- campbell's soup
- a bottle of Arizona Iced Pomegranate Green Tea
- Sour Cream and Onion Pringles

And that is why CVS is evil.

Waiting in line, noticing the guys in front of me who were mirror images, only one was 100+ lbs than the other, and the guy behind me in a suit buying a small bag of mini-eggs and something else that I forget - I was primarily focused on the fact that he was crowding me and interfering with my personal space, and I could hear the harsh staccato of "NEXT" coming from one of the cashiers...and I thought back to my most recent blog entry. (because I had written that post before we went to CVS.)

Luckily, the guy who helped me was friendly, and had a familiar hack. I asked him how he was, he coughed, and he said "that's how I am!" I commiserated, and gestured to my cold paraphernalia cluttering the counter. He finished ringing me up, I once again demonstrated my uncanny knack for estimating the overall cost of my goods, and I thought we were done. Until, he said:

"Listen...I have a favor to ask. Can you stay here for a little bit more? There's this weird guy who is up next in line, and I don't want to have to help him. I can't deal with that tonight, you know?"

Just call me a CB - a cashierblocker.

pomewhatnow iced tea?
Hope you're feeling better, Meg.

Can't the Spring show up yet?
Hope you feel better Meg!!!
And that made me laugh...I've never heard of a CB before..are you sure he wasn't just hitting on you?!
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A good story. Great ending!
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