Thursday, March 30, 2006


"fun" drunks...or taken advantage of?

C-note sent this article to me and E this morning:

The Myth About Girls Going Wild

my response (via email):

I do believe that WE are the: "definition of feminity expansive enough to include shaking one's thing without raising one's top."

Prime example: E and I last night at the times, completely sober and laughing it up. Prime example # 2 (an oxy-moron): Sunday at the kickball bar. Me drunk, C-note sober, both of us rejecting strip flip.

This "definition of feminity" is a total cop-out. I don't "need a definition" to tell me that I can be drunk, have a good time, and keep my shirt (and pants!) on.

I totally agree with this article, and I can't believe that it's not common sense. Generally, girls who get drunk and have wild sex on spring break are like that without spring break. Only it's not warm, and there aren't cameras.

We've all done things we wouldn't have done when sober - like, me...wailing on a street corner by the Times on New Year's Eve, to name one. But take me on spring break, give me a few drinks...and you'll likely find me on the beach, trying to read, and giving loud people glares of disgust.

And hey. Maybe we'll get with a guy when drunk. I'm not going to rule that out. But that's because we can be impulsive, and have lacks of judgment...even when sober. No one's perfect.

But for the most part, drunks will be drunks, sluts will be matter where they are, and what they're drinking. Alcohol helps, but for most people, they still have the same personality. I'm sick of the "women are angels except when led astray by men" myth.

*steps off her soapbox, contemplates making this into a blog post*

C-note's thoughts on the matter (via gchat):

I thoroughly agree that girls who are going to enter wet t-shirt contests and get nailed by the hot guy in the back of the bar have that part of their personality in them to begin with - sober OR dunk - unfortunately when you add a splash of alcohol to this potential for exhibitionist behavior you have a disaster.

I think that it, again, places the blame on something that it shouldn't - the media. Since when did the popularity of "Girls Gone Wild" fit into the equation of "when girls get drunk they might do stupid things." It seems a little to "looking back on the good ol' days" for me.

I think that part of her article is a total cop out. It's like saying when women back in the day drank they stripped down bc of playboy. Granted it wasn't as accepted and praised as it is today (which I think is part of the problem) but there's no way they can say that people in our parents' generation weren't doing the same damn things.

And that's what bothers me.

Granted now a-days there's A LOT more to worry about, you can't trust people (ie - date rape drugs, combinations of drugs and alcohol) - but it's not like the concept of snap shots of half-naked girls in a bar were just invented 10 years ago - take a look at studio 54 or any other club - they all had the same thing. The reason why it is or the reason why it seems more prevalent now is not because of g.g wild, it's because of the accessibility of technology. Anyone can buy a camera. Anyone can have a camera cell phone. And anyone can distribute whatever they want to the world via the internet, DVDs, etc. So it's not that it didn't exist before in the same fashion, it's just that it wasn't documented in the same way.

That being said - I still think that drunks are drunks whether you're in 1972 or 2006. And jezabells (spelling?) will be skanks whether you're back in the 20s or next year's spring break. It's not that alcohol changes personalities and I do feel that it's the MOST overused excuse (and hey I've used it, haha) but that's all it is - an excuse.


What do You think?

I agree with a lot of what you said, especially that girls who will get wasted/flash/have random sex would do the same things sober. Meg and I discussed this at lunch today...alcohol shouldn't be a valid excuse for doing outrageous things.

I also agree that blame is incorrectly placed on the media. As a former sorority girl and spring breaker, I NEVER watched Girls Gone Wild, nor did I participate in wet t-shirt contests because I saw some floozies on a videotape doing it.

This brings me to my last point...the last line of the article was directed at a "sorority girl mating call." The only cliche more tired that blaming the media is stereotyping sorority girls as drunken, wanton bimbos. But that is another post all together...

Great topic though, Meg.
Well, I'm pretty sure the average girl who ends up on "girls gone wild" didn't go to Cancun to have profoundly philosophical discussions about the mutal exclusiveness of freedom and security. Enough said.

And Meg, there isn't "A LOT more to worry about," :)

Source: Department of Justice

The apparent spike in violent crime in recent decades, especially in youths is a myth created by the mainstream media.
CP - good comment. stick up for your sisters!

bub: Well, the interesting thing is that girls who "end up" on girls gone wild, or what have you, can be just as smart.

There are girls at kickball who play "strip flip cup." C-note and I were worried about one of them...kinda pitied her stupidity.

C talked to her later in the week.

SHE WENT TO BROWN! and majored in biochemical engineering or something!!!

So basically, the girls on those shows might possibly have deeply philosophical conversations about mutual exclusiveness of freedom and security. Then they go party it up.
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