Thursday, March 30, 2006



Setting: tiny work lunchroom in the basement, 15 or so people are gathered to have birthday cake. Your heroine is standing in the corner, by the water cooler. Several people are sitting at the table, others are standing up. Multiple conversations are going on at once.

guy: birthday is July 16th.

me: oh, is that Bastille Day?

*cricket, cricket* followed by -


female coworker: no...that's the 14th.


I hate/love the fact that I was humiliated for not knowing Bastille Day.

hate because: harsh crowd! I was two days off. So sue me. Surely everyone didn't know it, right? It's not like we're French. Or that we had stormed the Bastille ourselves.

love because: we're such dorks. :-)

Good! I was wondering where I left my heroin.
You got Bastille Day wrong????? For SHAME, woman! FOR SHAME.
I happenned to be standing next to our "heroine" during the Bastille Day exchange...I don't think that people were necessarily laughing b/c you got the date wrong, but rather b/c of the fact that Bastille Day came to your mind at all, since it's a pretty obscure holiday. Your mind works in mysterious ways, my dear :-)
Didnt Madame Wessen teach you ANYTHING?! She would be ashamed! :-P Just kidding, thats about the only thing I remember from French class.... that and the time we had pie in class to celebrate "Jour de Roi" or whatever, and someone got the little toy in their piece so she took it back and jammed it (and her finger) back in the pie for the next class to find.... um SICK!
Bastille Day?
It's not like Cinco de Mayo when we have corona's and celebrate nothing
Trueborn that's Mexico's Independence day
Oh right.
Sorry hunny the only good frenchy at the moment is a rioting one.
Ahhhhhh, Cinco de Mayo, nothing better than May 7th. :)
well, the only reason why people know about it in france is because everyone gets drunk and there are fireworks, ask them what it actually means! pffff fogeddaboutit
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