Wednesday, March 22, 2006


random thing on the way to work that raises my hackles

A Sprint ad in a bus shelter:

"Can you watch TV at a Book Club?"


"Yes you can."

Apparently "Yes you can" is Sprint's little motto. And you can watch TV on your super fantastic Sprint phone wherever you go.

Guess what?! I don't want a stupid TV at a book club! I want to talk about books! I don't want some arguing head, or some melodramatic hospital/terrorism/beautiful people show, or some ridiculous reality nonsense going on in the background. And why would you want to watch tv at a book club? If you're there, I would venture to assume that you're there because you want to be, and you want to discuss a book.

You know, a book. One of those things. And I think I'm quadrupley annoyed by this because it's at a book club, something that I hold to be almost sacred. I doubt I would have given the advertisement a third or fourth thought if it had said "Can you watch TV at a hair salon?" or "Can you watch TV during your commute?" or even "Can you watch TV at a ballgame?" (which is probably just as horrifying to others...)

But At A Book Club!

I'm SO SICK of tvs being everywhere in our world. In elevators, at restaurants, in bars, at the airport. Well, I can see some being at the airport, and some at a bar, but they are everywhere. For the most part, I can't stand TV. I watch a couple of shows occasionally, but I'm tired of a tv-free atmosphere becoming less and less of an option.

Hi, my name is Meghan, and I get bent out of shape by little things. I should open my own bar, and in it you can’t smoke, act disrespectfully, watch TV, or invade people’s personal space. Oh, or play songs with crude lyrics, like “put in my mouth…”

I can be so intolerant sometimes. But honestly? It seems to be an intolerance of an assault on the senses.

And that’s when I stay in and act like a hermit, eat junk food, read magazines, do my nails, write, and have a great time by myself.

I agree with you on, oh about 99.5% of your blog. But I'm calling your bluff Meg on the other .5% - you KNOW you would have a TV in your bar especially ESPECIALLY during the olympics. I seem to remember a certain M-dawg glued to the TV watching ice dancing and other sports at the bar. Plus - a TV in a bar isn't THAT bad is it -- sometimes you need a small distraction -- and what if the game is on?!?!?

oh crap. People who actually know me read this. :-)

Well, I did allow for "some tvs in bars" or something like that.

Afterall, how would I be able to be anti-social without them?!
It's funny that you mentioned the whole "TVs in the elevator" part. I happened to notice when I was in a hotel in Chicago last week that there were mini-screens in every elevator playing either news, music videos, weather, entertainment programs, etc. I was shocked. People can't go for an 11 second elevator ride without TV?! And how much information can you even get in that amount of time?!

What's next...TVs in church? Now there's a novel idea...
Be fair..."Put it in your mouth" is a good song.

I think Sprint is also overlooking the fact that if someone really wants to watch TV...are they gonna do it on a 2"x1" screen? Not likely.

Keep ranting, makes me hot.
Get used to it. cuz t3h prezident bush iz gonna put a telescreen in evry room of ur appartment!!111!!oneone!!11!

Anywho, got that out of my system. I agree with you, somewhat. The sprint ad is stupid, and tv shouldn't be as ubiqituous as it currently is. But I think it's perfectly fine in bars, in fact, in some bars that's WHY people go there, to watch a game.

And you gotta admit... ESPN zone's tvs in the bathroom are pretty freakin' sweet. =P
Whew, I completely agree. TVs are everywhere and they're just filled with crap.

Oh and if you opened a bar like that, I would totally patronize it. In fact, it might be the ONLY bar I would patronize. :-)
Meg, you wonder woman. I'm your best prospective customer, should "Meg's" open. Of course, I'd have to move north, but it would be more than worth it.


*TV/nonTV torn*
CP: We are of one mind. Like, really. We should get back to work...

JC: Oh, JC. I get a little rush of butterflies every time you comment. Ranting makes me hot too.

Bubble: Ranting doesn't really make me hot, I just said that to JC :-) And I'll only admit under torture that I think the "TV in the bathroom" scheme is a cool idea.

Jason + Wombat: The bar will have absolutely lovely patrons, then. Just the thought of having you two there inspires me to make it happen!
I can imagine it right now...

"The pacific rim economy economy is still a little bit shaky for my tastes"
"Oh please, don't be silly. You can't turn into a bloody fiscal hermit crab everytime the GDP goes down"
"I do say, what year is the port?"
"Ah yes, excellent"
"I do believe I have spontaneously combusted!"
"Well, then, all for the better, eh chap?"
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