Tuesday, April 25, 2006


complete adoration

Remember how I hated taxes a little over a week ago? Was going to tear my hair out, was about to cry at little to no provocation, wanted to throw cobblestones at random strangers?

I got my refund. Though paltry in comparison to the amount that others receive, my heart still pitter-patters at the sight of a random deposit in my checking account.

I love taxes!!!

Why don't you look at the withdrawal you made a week ago. =P
the amount was already taken out of my refund before it was deposited into my account! so there!

go take your wet blanket somewhere else, my brother.
You do understand the concept of a REFUND and how it's a lateral move, right? :)
I don't love taxes... but I love getting a refund check as a result of doing them.

That said, this year was the first in 3 that I did not owe an inordinate sum, instead recieving money - a modest sum - back.
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