Sunday, April 09, 2006


I confess...

I feel immature because I don't like sushi, shrimp, or other seafood. I have this notion that you can't be sophisticated and worldly unless you love to sip bellinis and can artfully grasp sushi with thin chopsticks, laughing at the moon...

Can't I project the same image while drinking a pepsi and artfully tearing apart spareribs? I'll do my best.

Most people who "appreciate" those thinks are far too pretentious for their own good. We're both above that (irony intended).

And on a side note, I'm totally gonna kick ass with chopsticks in a few months. :) See you in a week!
meh, eat what you want how you want, only the cool are cool enough to do what they want how they want and not care!
As much as I love sushi, I think it's just a trend. Real sophistacates eat steak anyway. Well, filet mignon...but ribs are close enough :-)
I like sushi and bellinis. :) (What's not to like about bellinis?? You like peach...and drinkin'...right?)

I admit that it makes social situations a bit easier when you enjoy a wide variety of can chameleon in and out of different parties, finding something that you would like wherever you go.

I still contend that you would like the camarones brochettes at some Mexican places, such as the Rio Grande Cafe. That's shrimp stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and grilled...then dipped in butter before you bite in...seriously. It's so decadent...there's no way to not love it. Unless you keep kosher or something.
bub: be ready to make some sand feet. OOH and it can be in honor of Easter, and all that "footprints in the sand" nonsense!

mona: even the cool have their insecure moments...right?

CP: very true. I'm more lasting. haha. I still wish that I enjoyed it, though.

Mel: peach flavored? I'm there. Bacon and butter? Basically counts as a food group...perhaps I shouldn't give up on "sophisticated" food just yet.
whats cool anyway?!
and I agree with cp- only because I love steak so much!! hahahahha
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