Monday, April 10, 2006


I've never been one for arts & crafts

What Bub and I are going to make on the beach next week, come hell or high water:

*thanks to cp for the idea ;-) *

Gooface, if high water comes I don't think you'll be making much of anything on the beach.
I think you're starting to take this brevity thing a little bit too seriously.

[/gentle tease]
I hate you all.

*doesn't take criticism well*

sorry man...generally my deep thought posts are 1,500 words long, because I generally just stumble upon a deep thought after rambling. And then I try to pretend that the deep thought was the intention of the post all along :-)

well, sort of.

warning: busy work week + busy social week + busy extra curric week (extra work, plus taxes) = crappy posts.

and I'm going away next week!

excuses, excuses...
I think it's hilarious!
you better take a pic!!
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