Thursday, April 06, 2006


uh oh

Ever have one of those days when you know you're susceptible to impulse purchases?

I'm staying away from And Payless. And the Gap down the street. And Filene's Basement. And H & M. And Urban Outfitter's. And American Apparel...

If you want to buy me something from I won't argue...
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you know you love me more meghan... O'Neills FTW!
Well, if I had money, I'd be spending it on myself. I think.

Although...Bub...I do owe you a birthday present. Since apparently YOU'RE NEVER TELLING ME WHEN YOU WANT TO VISIT!!! *sob*
La vie est très busy.
augh I know the feeling... last week I went into the LIMITED, I dont even know why, I've never been in that store... but I came out with 9.99 gaucho pants and some really cute 29.99 seersucker dress pants. annnd I bought stuff at Urban Behavior (kind of like an H&M, they have one at the plaz!), ABERCROMBIE (augh!),Gap, and of course American Eagle. All this the day after I vowed to save up money for San Francisco... oops.

see this is what happens when you dont go online, I have to tell you my life stories on your blog site
I used to have huge problems with impluse pruchasing. Now, I have no money so it's not a problem.
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