Friday, May 26, 2006


Big Purchase Ahead!

I'm thinking of buying a MacBook.

I don't want to become of those hoity toity self-important "mac users" - but's looking like the best option. Supposedly it will last years, be fast, have enough memory and whatnot for all of my pictures and music. My Gateway has been gathering dust, and has been the subject of many an evil thought over the past few months. I hate change...but it may be time to move on.

Since apparently I do things by committee...does anyone have anything to offer as insight?

I'm balking at spending the money - it will come to about $1400, including the insurance. I think "oh, but I should save for a car, and for travel and...other things!" But the truth is, I've been in the working world for eight months, and as you all know, I haven't saved a penny. May as well purchase a fantastic laptop, and then start saving...

Just think. I could be blogging again on my own computer in a couple of days. AND enter edits and corrections for papers on my own computer. And check my email without bothering E and C-note. AND! GO ON AIM!!! AND DOWNLOAD MUSIC!

Time to pack and maul some McDonald's with C-note.

Home Sweet Home for the weekend!

I've always been a Mac snob, and therefore, my full recommendation is a bit biased. But you really can't go wrong with it.

If you wanna save a few bucks, don't buy it from or an Apple Store. Check out I've bought several comps and an ipod from's cheaper, the shipping is free, and they throw in a ton of extras (plus, you still get the exact same warranty from mac). Also...check out some of the 2005 models...they'll be a lot cheaper than the new mac books and they're basically the same specs.

Happy hunting!
I have a functional, if worn, IBM ThinkPad at home. But I secretly lust after the MacBook. Let's drool about it together, shall we? :)
JC: thanks for the advice! :-) Just in the nick of time.

Mel: secretly lust after the MacBook. hahaha. If I get one, I'll bring him in (because it WILL be a "him") and maybe...just maybe...I'll let you stroke his keys.
You can name Macs, you know...and give them voice commands. So. Hot.
Is your Gateway broken again? Then that would be a problem and cause for change. If it's (the computer) functional, I do not think it's a worthy extravagance.
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