Friday, May 05, 2006



I got a promotion! And this is the quote of the day from!!

Inspiration is to work every day.
- Charles Baudelaire
French poet (1821-1867)

Congratumalations, Gooface.
Hip hip for you, Miss Meg.

thanks guys. Couldn't have done it without your never-ending blogging support! :-)
Congratulations, Meg. If there are any details, I hope they are forthcoming.
Congrats Meg- keep up the good work :)
and it was the shoes wasn't it!!!
Congrats! :-)
Rem: perhaps. We'll see! The details are pretty boring :-)

Mona: Thanks! And it was definitely the shoes...or my horrendous outfit that day.

Jason: thanks!! :-)
oooh what'd you get promoted to? more important, do you get more money? details!! :-P
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