Monday, May 01, 2006


bombs away!

I went to a Nationals game last week with C-note and the neighbors. I was a bit late (due to hilarious reasons that may be blogged about in due time), so I met C-note at the gate...she was coming down from our seats with my ticket. She was wearing beautiful high heels, and our seats were all the way across the stadium, so she was taking a bit.

I stood at the gate, with my big pink bag over my shoulder. The bag was jam-packed, with my wallet, key, phone, lip balm, court's flipflops, a sweatshirt, two umbrellas, and other goodies.

While waiting by security, an older security guard came out. About 60? He said, in this flirtatious tone, "Are you loitering? Uh-oh, do you have a BOMB in that bag? Are you carrying a BOMB?!?!"

I laughed uneasily and said "oh no, just sweatshirts!" To be honest, part of me was dying to say "YES! A-HA!"

Are guards allowed to joke about bombs?! The b-word is a dirty word now, especially in DC...we all know that.

Depending on the person, saying something like that in jest will draw one of 2 reactions:

1) "haha, no, of course not"
2) "how DARE you make a joke like that in today's climate"

Personally, I think those who fall under category 2 ought to look up doctors who can perform surgery to remove the sticks from their asses.

Uh oh, I said Category 2! Don't I remember Katrina? How dare I say something like that after what happened to New Orleans!

Yeah. I'm in category 1.
Yeah, but these jokes are hardly humorous So why entertain them to begin with? Poor form on the joke makers.
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