Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Even though...

I have zero — no, a negative amount of — talent in softball, I somehow end up playing. As if embarrassing myself in the lunchroom wasn't bad enough, here's to praying for a lack of balls flying in my direction.

Although, when I played three weeks ago (before that, it had been 12 years), I got on first base. That hasn't happened in kickball since February or so. Maybe I'm secretly a softball prodigy?

I love free t-shirts :-)

You haen't gotten on kickball base since february? *scoffs*
You did such a great job last night! I can't thank you enough for playing...wasn't it fun?!
I was awful when I played softball back in the day. I wonder if I would be any better now.
I did kick ass in a wiffelball tourney last fall.
Bub: that's right. And I didn't make it on base yesterday either.

CP: thank you!!! you're so sweet!!!

rem: hmm.

rem: hahaha
we would love to have you play for our team.
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