Monday, May 08, 2006


how pedestrian

I've had three near misses (four, if you count almost being hit by two cars while crossing one street) with cars in the past four days. Some might take that as a hint to learn how to cross a street...I take it as a sign that there are crazy drivers out there.

(Okay, so I shouldn't have crossed the street while the light was green. But in my defense, the first car turned the corner, sped up the street, then ACCELERATED when he saw me. And the second car was double parked, and then started driving after I left the sidewalk.)

(I don't remember the second incident. But it was the morning after my near-death. I must be suppressing that memory.)

(Alright, so this morning I WAS reading while walking. But I was alert. And he took the corner into the alley way too fast. In fact, maybe reading saved me, because it slowed me down. If I had been walking faster, I would have been hit! *and a foolish action is thus justified.*)

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