Monday, May 22, 2006


*Lean on Me*

I'm sorry this blog has been LAME. Work has been busy/dramatic. And I'm going through a writing slump. And we'll find out in the upcoming days if I wasted $215 on a monitor. I may have been given bad advice...and I may have lost the receipt. Time will tell.

Please send any prayers that you can spare to my uncle - he's very sick, and the next few days are extremely important.

Here's something to ponder:

If someone says "Sometimes girls take things as hints that aren't meant to be hints."

Would you see that as a hint, or is taking that as a hint be taking something that isn't meant to be a hint as a hint?

I'm going to trivia night tonight at a local bar. I'm prepared to a) feel extremely dumb and b) learn at least five new facts.

Anyone have any esoterica that may come in handy tonight?

What kind of person would I be to divulge my secrets?

Uh... not that I have any...
i-66: hahaha, did you look up esoterica? Because I certainly did.
I did. I had an idea as to what it means, but I wanted to be sure.
Meghan, the qoute about hints is indubitably something you should take as a hint ipso facto.

And you know very well that I am one big ball of esoterica (excluding gender specific trivia).
Bub: Wrong answer. I'm not taking it as a hint. :-)

(although the meaning of "ipso facto" is a good bit of trivia)


(t-26 minutes until I leave)
That better have been some monitor. :)
Lame? I beg to differ. The fun is all in the minutae.

Did you learn five facts?

Rem: It is quite a monitor. Beautiful.

Wombat: You're absolutely lovely.

And I did indeed.

1) A cricket stump is made of ash.
2) Madonna had the highest grossing concert tour of 2004.
3) Putin said that the collaspe of communism was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century.
4) Cary Grant was born in England.
5) In Greek mythology, women with snakes for hair are called gorgons.
I hope your uncle's doing ok.

And yes, I took that quote as a hint. ;)
Oh, Meg, I think I might be able to help you with some more cricket minutae for your next trivia night.

It's not that the stumps are made of ash, but that the English burned a set in 1882 after losing to Australia. The Ashes represent the "death of cricket" (because we beat our colonial masters) and are the trophy the two countries have played for ever since.

Try this, which is really boring, but one of those true oddities.

Sorry, hijacked your blog for something utterly unrelated.

N: Okay guys. When I said "is this supposed to be a hint?" All of you were supposed to answer "of course not!" Does it help that he was giving my friend guy advice at the time, and that a half hour earlier he had made a bet with me that had the loser taking the winner out to lunch?

Sigh. I just gotta chill.

Wombat: Thanks! It was actually quite interesting...and did we mishear the question? And is there not a stump?

And next time you're in DC, you're on my trivia team!
The stumps are the three upright wooden sticks, the bails are the two horizontal wooden thingies resting atop them, and the entire contraption is called a wicket.

There are two of them at each end of the 22 yard piece of turf upon which the ball is bowled, called the pitch.

What an odd game.

And I'm there!

wombat, ash is a very durable and strong wood, so I believe traditionally the stumps are in fact made out of ash wood. However, it does make an excellent firewood, and would burn quite easily! =P So I believe that the fact meg stated actually is true aswell. It's also used for camáns.

*swears he isn't a closet cricket fan*
Bub, you're totally on my team as well. And that's an even more likely scenario, since you're my brother, and Wombat lives in Blogland.

I don't think they checked IDs...
Oh, I didn't mean to dismiss the idea of the stumps being made of ash. I got carried away with enthusiasm about my Ashes connection.

They quite well could be made of said wood.

Most cricket equipment is now made in India and Pakistan, so they could be made from pretty much anything.

*mind boggles*

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