Thursday, May 04, 2006


me me me me me

** psst I have a lot of blog entries mentally stacked up, but due to stuff, I haven't been able to dive in. Expect a rant on love soon enough. But, I'm sorry to say, it's not a juicy tale of lust and betrayal. (sorry Wombat!! :-( ) It's more just a general feeling towards love and games. **

With that aside, I just want to say...that sometimes I love myself.

Reason # 1
Yesterday I was completing a photo order that I had started a few days ago, but then had put down for various reasons. There was a lot of hoopla surrounding this order, and my boss asked me about the number of images we needed. Knowing all the work I had just done to smooth the hoople, I responded with a sure answer. After I got off the phone, I realized that I wasn't so positively positive afterall. In fact, I was positive that I been careless and screwed it up. And screwing it up would mean diving back into the hoopla.

I went to double check it (the info was on someone else's desk) turns out...that I had been totally correct. I HADN'T been careless a few days ago! I had been thorough, and careful, and I was reaping the benefits of it at that moment. I know this is a bad thing, but I was so proud of me.

Reason # 2
In accordance with my blog promise, I wore sneakers to work today, and brought "nice" flipflops in my bag. I wore the FF for a while in the office, but then decided to go back to the sneakers. I looked like a total moron, but at least my bloody feet weren't being torn into and ripped freshly asunder.

While kicking around under my desk. I noticed a pair of high heels thrown against the wall. I kind of rolled my eyes, and thought that I shouldn't treat my desk like my closet. I don't remember forgetting them - it must have been yesterday? - but there they were.

Well, later this afternoon I was called into the big boss's office. This is something that has NEVER happened. Thank the LORD that I had left my high heels under my desk. I took off my sneakers, socks, put on the heels...and everything was A-OK.

This is not to say that I know everything and I never make mistakes (I'm trying to avoid smiting here for being an annoying braggart), but I must say. I'm quite pleased with the lucky turn of events.

And if you think about it (but, why would anyone? It's the most pointless story ever), it was being both careful AND careless that saved me. If I had been careless with the photo order, I would have created a lot more work for several people. If I had been careful with my shoes, I would have been wearing sneakers in the office of the Big Boss.


I'm sure your boss called you to her/his office to check out your shoes. *rolls eyes*
three pairs of shoes? :headexplodes:
haha- rems comment made ma laugh- you're a funny girl meg :)
hope all is well
bub: really. If I had worn sneakers, they would have noticed. Since I wore the heels, they did not notice my footwear. That's important.

Rem: someday, when you're ready...I'll show you my closet.

Mona: I miss you!!
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