Monday, May 15, 2006


*Physical Address has Changed*

We moved this past weekend. Saturday involved me driving a 17' U-Haul, with E as my voice of encouragement ("you totally can fit!") and alarm ("Ah! SIDEWALK!").

My bedroom is a mess, which is always distressing, but so it shall remain until I get fed up enough to put together my bed. My comfort is that I always think putting things together will be harder than it is. And then I feel a swelling surge of satisfaction for doing something that I've a) never done before and b) doing it well.

The good news about the new place: there's a Loft-like convenience store "on campus."

The bad news about the new place: no balcony. :-( I'm so distraught that if we did have a balcony, I might have thrown myself off it...

Depending on my mood, and time on my hands, I might post an entirely negative treatise on why I didn't want to move, and why I'm unhappy that we did.

Because I hate change. At all levels. Changing channels on the radio drives me insane. Changing where I live, when I really don't want to leave, causes much distress and sadness. If I had felt an overwhelming need/desire to move, and if we were going to be in the city, I would not be minding this change. But it's when I'm leaving, and continually checking the rearview mirror for "one last view of the Capitol" that I hate it.

But then again, is it any different for anyone else?

Despite this massive aversion to switching things up, I also adjust relatively well. So if my adjusting kicks in before I get a chance to post about hating change, it will totally lack the spirit that is integral to an angry post.

(Speaking of radios, I'm listening to NBOX KMGX Radio on Itunes right now - and I love it! There are all these random 90s songs that I never knew I missed, like "I know" by Dionne Faris, and some other things that I've promptly forgotten again.)

*anger and turmoil reluctantly melting through the magic of music*

*Oh, and for the record, we moved about nine miles. Certainly not a cross country move, like some bloggers...*

Monday's b/c I get to catch up with weekend goings-on with blog friends.


*drat, late again*
i-66: DC > N

N: (VA = MD)

Wombat: Happy belated! I'm sorry I missed it.

Interesting choice. Monday, though unorthodox, does have its appeal. There's the freshness of the new week, the promise of making money to pay off those weekend bills. And of course, blogging galore. :-)
Someone is impersonating me in the blogosphere today, Meg. They're putting apostrophes in all the wrong places.

Viz: Mondays NOT Monday's.

When I catch that son of a gun, I'm gonna show HIM what disrespecting grammar gets you.


Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy Monday!
misplacing apostrophes: a mark of a fun and wild weekend :-)
I honestly could rank MD, DC, and VA, save for MD first and DC last, in any order and feel it to be accurate.

I guess we live in a cool area.
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