Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why I love Thursdays

1) The Style section in the NYTimes
2) A new 'Ask Prudence' on

and, as icing on the cake...

3) It's payday every other one

What day of the week do you love? Frivolous reasons, such as my numbers 1 and 2, will be treasured.

Yes, it is payday today. I love that my dinero is in the bank account the day before.

Wait, so do you love Wednesday? today the day before payday for you?
I hate thursdays now.
I love Saturdays.
Because I get to go clubbing for free, I get to dress up, I get to stand outside a club with one helluva sexy mofo... ooh, I love my little job!
I love sunday and monday because my boyfriend is off work on those days.
N, you're so fun. :-)

Trouble: great reason! I haven't been able to read your blog as much as I'd like, since my computer is still broken. But once I'm back on at my apt, I'll be reading nonstop.

*COMP UPDATE: I bought a new monitor! But I still need a ribbon cable. And I need to order it from Best Buy. So many annoying little roadblocks.*
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