Friday, June 09, 2006


advertising. CP put it...I've made my first big girl purchase!

I got a Macbook. MacBook? Mac Book. And it should be delivered Thursday or Friday of next week, hopefully. When I told E, she crowed that I finally broke down and became a Mac User.

I'd like to take this moment to make clear that I will not be a Mac User, but rather, I will be someone who uses a Mac. I hate the whole "Mac is God" culture. The one that says that Mac Users are better because they're smart enough to buy a Mac. And cooler than others because of a certain purchase.

And before I get accused of being judgmental, or of jumping the gun, or of reading too much into things, look at the gift to my cause that was posted on the Apple website.

What is that saying? That dorky older pudgy guys who wear (DEAR GOD!!) suits are PC Users, and cool, laid-back, totally "in the know" guys use Macs. I mean, sure, the pudgy guy looks like he might trap you in a corner and babble on about economics for 45 minutes, but "Mac" looks like such a know-it-all that I want to smack the smirk off his face.

So. I'm a person, who happens to have just bought a Mac. Just so it's clear. Please don't let advertising make you feel as though you can judge me on my possessions!

Let's be serious. Those commercials only really target those who are completely not knowledgable in the least about computers.
I don't really pay much attention to the commercial. I also think that it is aiming for majority of the "ignorant" people (which is about 90% of the population). I'm also a new Mac Book owner and new user of the OSX. I was surprised at how elegant and ease to use of the OSX is. If Apple keeps producing good/quality computer/operating system then I will be a loyal customer. I don't think I will ever go back and use Window in my personal time again (I still have to use them at work).
i-66: let's be serious. no fun and games here!

anon: it's not my usual anon, right? I'll have to call you anon2. I'm glad you love your Mac Book - I'd be quite distraught if you said that it was crap. :-) thanks for commenting!
Well Meghan, could you inform me as to when you are writing your blog with that contraption? Becuase I won't be reading it after... =P
Same guy separated by twenty years, looks like to me.

bub!: that contraption will help me to communicate with you when you're HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD!!! Arggh!!

Wombat: the PC or Mac, you devil!?
Either way, I doubt that you'd wear a dumb expression or a self-satisfied smirk. Or, if you did, I'd probably be too smitten to notice ;-)
I see you found the logical hole in my carefully crafted comment, Meg.

You're so smart and I'm SO not worthy.


*basking in the happyGoo*
The Mac guy is the grup. THEY ARE MARKETING TO GRUPS.
Uh, ok, that last one was me. I totally pressed enter by accident while trying to put in my name.

Anyway, I totally used to be one of those "PCs are so much better than Macs because you actually have to know something to use them" people...but when Mac OS started to be all UNIX-based and gave you the option of being 133t while using a Mac, I was like, "well, ok then."

Yeah, that's what I was going to say. Grupdom, here I come.
Wombat: Without ruining the mystery that I've somehow managed to create, let's just say that you give me too much credit.

Mel: I KNOWWW!! He probably has a mohawked kid that sports a Ramones (Ramone?) t-shirt. And the kid (named McEnroe or Kennedy or McMansion or something) loves The Wiggles and Barney, but is forced to listen to "real" music by "talented" musicians.

Oh, and you totally just impressed me with your UNIX-based and 133t talk. I'm such a Windows user. :-)
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