Monday, June 26, 2006


almost. time.

The American Art Museum—National Portrait Gallery opens July 1.

I cannot wait.

I hope they have extended hours, so I can go after work. All the time. I hope tons of people come, so that it shows the powers-that-be that this is an exciting and worthwhile thing, but I also hope that no one is there when I'm walking around. I need my elbow space when skipping around like a little kid.

I just happened on your blog and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading it. It's always comforting to know that someone else out there is asking themselves the same questions you ask. I've often wondered about success and the definition of the word. Guess it's different for everyone.
Thanks, KP! That's very nice of you, especially because I feel a bit foolish writing a lot of things that I do. I didn't see a blog under your name - if that was a blogspot blip, or if you have one out there, but under a different name, come back and let me know, so that I can read it!
You should take her up on it; she's a great comenter!
rem: :-)
May I come with you, Meg? The NPG in London is my favourite of all the art museums.

Can't wait to see your new playground.

Wombat: okay...if I bump into an Australian at the museum, I just might accost him. And it will be So Awkward when I say "Wombat?! Oh my God! It's Meg!! From growing in the goo!" And he'll look at me with a frightened expression, and summon the guards.
Very Awkward.

Especially if he misunderstands "Growing in the Goo."

Wombat: yeah...there's room for interpretation there...I think.
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