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Yesterday FedEx tried to deliver my Mac Book. I had called the Resident Manager (aka the person who sits at the front desk) in the morning, alerting her to the incoming package.

I checked the FedEx website around noon, and it said that they couldn't deliver the package, because "no one was home, or business was closed." I called the resident manager, and left a message with someone asking to be called back.

She called back, saying in this apathetic, lackadaisical, not-sorry-at-all voice, "Meghan. I am so sorry for my faux pas. The FedEx guy came in, but he didn't say anything to me, and it didn't look like he was carrying a computer, so I didn't ask him about it. I figured it was a different delivery guy. I'm used to the UPS guy talking to me."



That's what I wanted to say. Instead, I said something along the lines of: He will come again tomorrow, please sign for it, and put it in my apartment. Thanks.

So I called FedEx, got things squared away for a redelivery. This morning I left a note on BETHANY'S desk (oh snap, I said her REAL NAME!), asking for her to call me when it got in. It was a very nice letter, beginning with "Dear BETHANY" and ending with a "Thanks!"

Around 12:30 today I checked the tracking site. It said my computer had been delivered a good half hour before. So I call BETHANY. She says "oh, I was just about to go to lunch, and was going to call you after." I cut through the bullshit, and asked if it was in my apartment. She said it wasn't, but would be in an hour.


This is where I should have been a bitch, and insisted that it go in my apartment right then. But I didn't. I went on my angry and frustrated way, and bought a Spinach empanada.


So about a half hour ago, my lovely roommate, C-note, gave me a call. Worried, she knew that my computer was supposed to come today, but it wasn't in the apartment, and no one was at the front desk.

I call BETHANY. She sounds mildly concerned, which is several steps above her previous indifference. She says she has to call the "porter" to see where it is. I ask for her to call me back.

She calls me back, tells me that the people are making deliveries. In my attempt to channel all the bitchiness that my friends are offering to call and give to BETHANY, I say "Why did you say it would be there at 1, over two hours ago?" BETHANY says something about new people, blah blah blah. I told her that if it's not there by 4, I'll be calling.

About five minutes ago I got a text from C-note, saying:

"The eagle has landed. Got the goods. It's on your bed."

So, the wind has been a bit out of my anger sails since I got that, knowing that the eagle is safe and sound. I have a hard time carrying anger. For the most part.

BUT honestly. This whole process has been rife with incompetence. I made this SO EASY for BETHANY. Gave her a heads-up about a delivery, left her my phone number, and apartment number. This is a service that my complex offers. If they can't DELIVER the service, they should not offer it.

And I know I've been a high-maintenance customer. Yeah, there are few things more annoying than a micro-manager. But as someone who has been burned by package delivery in the past, I know what needs to get done.


(But much love to Mel, C.P., and C-note for offering to call and be mean to them!)

relax, you're so much more interesting to read when you are not venting annngeeeeerrr!
that woulda totally sucked if it got stolen from the front desk or something cause they were being incompetent, you def have a right to pester them until they deliver your goods!
I am SO PUMPED that you finally have a computer!! now all you need is Comcast to work and then I can stalk your away messages everyday! Wo0t!
I would call and stick up/bitch to some imcompetent fool for you any day!

And I know how you feel. It's not like you were waiting for a shirt or a DVD. This was an expensive electronic that deserved to be given priority. And you are a tenent who deserves to be treated with courtesy, not indifference. I say more power to you, and you deserve your 5 minutes of anger!
anon: my anon? or a different one? It also sounds a bit like RS (!!!) or chenger465. I *heart* this anon guessing game.


CP: aww, thanks! Maybe I should form an association :-)
I completely disagree with're at your best when venting Meggers.

And as a past tenant of building 8502 (room 216 woot woot!) I can vouch for the complete incompetence of the building managers there. We had some broad named Cindy who could barely tie her shoes, let along deliver a package.

And just a warning about that building...twice while I lived there, electrical storms knocked out all power to just that building for an entire week. Enjoy.
JC: yeah, BETHANY just replaced CINDY. It seems as though they were culled from the same pool of qualified applicants.

And I was thinking about this earlier today...even if I do suck when venting, I don't really care, since I write this for me. But thank you for saying that I'm at my best!

No power? I miss DC :-(
Welcome to the 'burbs :-)
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