Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm in a...

"I Hate Everything" mood.

This is a nice quote, though. I totally agree:

If you get a rude letter, always send a polite one back. It's much better.
- W. Arbuthnot Lane
Scottish physician (1856-1943)

****five minutes later, after visiting a friend's office*****

I feel so much better. I'm still kind of unhappy with life, but I no longer feel sick. The miracle of modern medicine! And since this is MY BLOG, I'm going to TMI. I had cramps. I wanted to die. I wanted to throw up. I wanted to lie down. I wanted my mommy.

But I popped a couple of Pamprin, attached a heating pad to my uterus...and....TA-DA. Life is good 20 minutes later. Thank goodness. Now I can finally concentrate on work.


[blank stare of fear]
i-66: I know, it's not pretty. But I couldn't keep to myself the rapid turnaround that (here, let me do a product placement) ThermaCare Heatwraps performed for me.

I feel so much better. I was totally incapacitated. Now I'm working, emailing, and blogging left and right.

I should be a spokeswoman.
"...attached a heating pad to my uterus..."

Undoubtedly the most scarring phrase I have ever read in my entire life. I think my eyes started to bleed as soon as they processed them...

Can the fellas get a heads-up before you do something like this again?
hahahahhaha hilarious
Umm....JC. I said "TMI!"

I had warned you!

And goodness gracious. It's not as though I literally attached it to my uterus. Just my abs. There, is that better? Some sporty terminology for you. Think of it as applying a heating pad to your sore triceps. Or hamstrings. Or shoulders. Wherever it is that people get sore when they work out.
caitlin! we're here at the same time!
well, not that you were bummed, I'm sorry about that, but your out-of-left-field detailed story :-P

hahaha yes we are
for all who are not aware: tans and I are immature. We think words like "tampon" and "poop" are funny.

Poop IS funny.

Tampons, however, are not.

And while I realize this is your blog, and we all appreciate your brutal honesty, I'd like to point out that ANYTHING that has to do with the female reproductive system is a guaranteed way to strike fear/paralysis/death into the heart of any male. In fact, I blacked out no less than three times just posting my replies to this...
JC: well...I figured, if I can't attract them, I may as well be honest!

and really. I just felt so sick. I had to share.

but this is a good opportunity...here comes a blog post!
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