Thursday, June 22, 2006

I have the best friends in the world. CP looks at me when I'm choking, guiding me through the living process. After, she grabs my face, and says "I will never. let anything bad. happen. to you. Ever."

They take deep breaths, and tell me bad news that they don't want me to hear, but know that I'd rather hear than go on in ignorance. And then when they tell me that news, I say it's alright...and they say that it's alright if it's not alright.

And then, when I tell E & C-note what's wrong, they write me a love letter. And not just a love letter, but the best letter that I could ever get, and exactly what I needed. A perfect mix of indignation, humor, and confidence. So ridiculous, so perfect.

And guy friends say nice things like "the guy is foolish" and "his loss." Stuff that they usually don't say.

Maybe... all this wasn't about "getting the guy" - but rather...knowing that I've already "got the friends." And I have a feeling that may be a sweeter ending than any happily ever after I could have imagined.

My favorite Sex and the City quote comes from an episode when Carrie realizes that none of her men have panned out to be her soulmate. Then she looks around at her 3 best friends and realizes what she already has. I believe the quote goes,

"Why can't we be each others soulmates, and men can just be these great, nice guys to have fun with?"

I think that sums things up pretty well.
CP: I totally agree :-) Well said! Think of all the guys that have come and gone in the eight months we've known each other. But we're still together.
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