Wednesday, June 28, 2006


my give a damn's busted

It keeps getting worse.

My alarm went off this morning at 6:29...and I snoozed. My second alarm went off, I snoozed. My first alarm went off again, I snoozed. My second alarm went off again, I shut it off. My first alarm went off for a third time, I shut it off.

And this isn't like in the old days, when I'd be so exhausted that I didn't even know that I was shutting off my alarm. Oh, I knew. I was being damn lazy.

I eventually rolled out of bed at 7:00. And left the apartment at 7:45. I'm supposed to leave at 7:15.

I think I need to

a) stop watching Lost late into the night


b) have some ramifications for coming in late. Once I get punished/embarrassed/put in the Dupont stocks, I'll get up at 6:25 again.

I am the worst at this. I think I am hurt by medication I take that makes me drowsy, but still. I find that setting my alarm for the latest possible point forces me out bed. I.e. currently 10:36 for a 11:00 class. 9 minutes to get out of the room, 15 to make it to class.
Also go to bed at the exact same time everynight! It does wonders for getting to sleep quicker.
robert: trust me. I think that if there were competitions to see who could fall asleep the fastest, I would win.

hands down.

it's really pretty insane, and I am incredibly lucky.
My roommate freshman year, he fell asleep at church - standing up! He could easily challenge you! :)
I KNOW!!! I have the exact same problem!! I was an HOUR late on Monday cause I kept snoozing my alarm then finally shut it off, and 23 minutes late this morning cause I got out of bed, had my towel in my hand, and was like "screw this" and got back in bed. and both times the managers were like "whatever!! it happens!!" I mean I guess I'm lucky I havent gotten fired but cmon now this is rediculous!
Oh yes and I read your other post first, ::hug:: from Mass! now whenever I hear SOS at work I think of the Times! :) and Penn State man hahaha
rem: alright, I'm not a topper. :-)

tans: thanks! Yeah...I guess we're both born procrastinators. We didn't fail any we won't get fired. Right? I actually woke up on time today, but I was still 15 minutes late.

thanks for the hug :-) We went to The Times Saturday night, and supposedly he was there (E saw him), but I didn't. He was working it in the corner with some other lucky girls, getting liquored up on the Capitol Police salary.
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