Thursday, June 01, 2006



- My bracelet looks like a candy necklace. I salivate every time I look at it. Therefore, I avoid looking at it.

- I saw a banker skateboarding to work today. I promptly fell in love.

- I love going to work early because it has enabled me to avoid the oppressing swampy heat that has descended upon Washington. I imagine that it will get super hot super early soon enough, but for now, my 7:15 commute is working out just fine. And I love leaving work come evening time to enter a hazy summertime city. It's so beautiful and warm.

- I'm a bad roommate because I forgot to leave my rent check this morning. C-note is meeting up with me so that we can exchange the goods. Or rather, so that I can hand it over.

- CP has moved floors and now she's diagonally across from my office. We're working on a fun intra-floor communications system. Current ideas: a string with a can on each end, climbing through the ceiling tiles, and communicating via flashlights. Or maybe we can work on a system of coughs and sneezes. Like morse code.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a multi-post day...


Well, being that both of our bosses are within a stone's throw of our offices, we're really going to need to think of a good plan. I think the flashlight/Morse Code idea was the best. That or a carrier pigeon.

How do you know the skateboarder was a banker?
Wombat: hahaha - perfect!!

CP: I don't know...he went into a bank, and it was 8 a.m.? Maybe he was robbing it! I always knew I'd fall for a handsome criminal...

I think a carrier pidgeon is a splendid idea! It can't be that hard to train them to fly 15 feet. Can it?
On another are going to love your early commute in the winter as well when it's dark at 4pm and you can leave soon after, while everyone else is stuck there in the dark for another 2 hours.
hahaha I used that exact semaphore site for a paper I wrote once. Interesting means of communication, though I think you and cp would gather attention to yourselves if you were waving flags around.... and the bird poo from the pigeons would be gross.... how about folding notes into little paper footballs (I dont know why they were called that, they were more like triangles) and flicking them across the hall? my dad and I flicked sugar packets and they go pretty far....
CP: true, very true!

Tans: very astute observation - on all accounts, but esp on the football-triangle misnomer.
Or maybe we can work on a system of coughs and sneezes. Like morse code.

Oh man! I laughed very, very hard at the prospect of this.
rem: We totally could. When I was sick a couple of months ago, the horror of it was compounded because I just KNEW that everyone on the floor could hear my hacking and sniffling. Perhaps I can now put that knowledge to use!
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