Monday, June 19, 2006


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I was thinking about this while editing (and yes, I edit my blog posts. We all do.), and i just wanted to mention that my life up until now hasn't been "crap and not important," or whatever I said. It's all how you look at it. I was looking for grand achievements like Nobel Prizes and Pulitzers, and other things seemed to pale in comparison. How can I talk about summers in Maine when there's so much to be done?

But...I've had a kickass life/childhood. So while it isn't spectacular in the bestseller, walls lined with trophies way, it's been an amazing time. Almost perfect, actually.

So I guess I revisit the question that I was worrying about last summer: What is success? Do I want anything more than the joy that is a healthy and happy family? If not, is that so wrong?

Or am I wrong to want something more, without even knowing what it is? Do I want to change the world, or do I just want some adventures to blog about in a giddy fashion?

And...I'm off to bed with these questions rattling in my head.

It's not the destination Meg, it's the journey. Sit back and enjoy the flight...the Captain has turned off the "Seatbelts" sign.
JC: but I'm not sure the journey is going anywhere...and I have the feeling that I need to direct it a bit.

So. Do you consider the journey to be along a track, like a roller coaster, or in a car, with a bunch of random roads to take?

Because if's a roller coaster, I can stop fretting!
A track would be waaay too boring. I don't even know what I'm doing for dinner tonight, let alone where I'll be living in 2 years, so I guess that would mean my journey is by cheetah (Harold and Kumar style).

If you're really gettin bored...don't just take a vacation somewhere. MOVE somewhere, and do something that makes you completely uncomfortable. This will either make you appreciate the situation you have right now much more...or you'll find something new and better to chew on.

Australians might call it a "walk-about"'s not so much about going anywhere in particular, but finding yourself along the way.

I'd love to find myself!

Anyone want to go on a journey?

That reminds me...JC - read "Honeymoon With My Brother" - I think you'll love it!

(yeah, I know, I keep pushing it.)
I wonder about the same things a lot. Hollow accomplishments they seem. I have tons of accomplishments but they're all second rate.
Rem: the funny thing is, when someone is worried about the same thing, I'm like "oh, posh! it will all work out." and "you've done excellent things!"

I think the key is to take it one day at a time, but with a certain goal in mind. I'm someone who is motivated by a goal...and others work best without them because it's the wrong type of pressure.
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