Monday, June 12, 2006


Two Things

1) My baby brother is going to China tomorrow for five weeks. I'm going to miss him terribly. And I know it's going to be an amazing experience. Getting martial arts training in the land of...martial arts? Exploring Shanghai and Beijing? Camping on the Great Wall? Holy Crap! Be careful!! I'll miss you!! And I'll be the annoying sister sending the letters. I already have a nice card picked out for mailing #1. :-)

2) Season 2 of Hell's Kitchen begins tonight. Since our cable isn't hooked up yet (WTF, Verizon?!), I can't watch it. But please. How can one resist a show where the head chef calls one of the contestants "an overgrown muffin" and tells a customer to go back to plastic surgery when she complains about service? Watch it, and be prepared to be extremely entertained. It's going to be good - this morning (via a radio commercial) I heard him yell "YOUUUU DONNKEEEEYYYY!!!" I only wish I could see Chef Ramsey's face turn purple as he flips out in a ridiculous rage. Next week, God willing.

Haha, excellent post. I just finished packing!
I want to go with you!
Meg -- it's Comcast holding up our cable...

I have chosen 3 times for them to come hook it up -- Monday PM (did not happen) Tuesday PM and Wed PM -- b*tches havent called me back to let me know what time they are coming...

I HATE COMCAST. PS - still no internet - toally using Elle's comp! thanks elle
Thanks c-note! :-)

Ed's note:

*Comcast, WTF?*
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