Friday, June 23, 2006


why I'm poor

I got paid yesterday. Immediately I thought of all the fun things I was going to do with my money:

- get a pedicure
- buy a new perfume (White Linen, by Estee Lauder...a sample is in Vanity Fair. If anyone has a copy, can you smell it and tell me if it's too old lady for me? I like it...but I don't want to smell like a 35 year old.)
- go to the movies
- buy white pants
- buy a white cardigan (to go with cute summer dresses)
- buy some summer work skirts
- get a subscription to Glamour (finally!)
- get a subscription to Vanity Fair (why the hell not?)
- get a subscription to The Economist (will raise my IQ and global awareness in one go.)

I knew I had bills, but it always seems like I have a lot more money to spend than I do. Then I realized...this is going to be a rough two weeks. Especially because the fourth of July is in there, and I have Monday AND Tuesday off (yes!).

- rent (51% of paycheck)
- cell phone bill (3 days overdue) (5% of paycheck)
- student loan (4% of paycheck)
- parental loan, the result of a frantic phone call Sunday at 9 a.m. (20% of paycheck)
- groceries (5% of paycheck)


Just enough left for the tip!
haha, exactly. Only one day into the two weeks, and I'm already off the vaguely appointed budget.
Rent should be illegal
I agree.

Well, not really. But I hate paying it.
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