Friday, June 30, 2006



* this is me breaking the fourth wall *

The Internet is down in my apartment (why?! Why?! WHHHYYY?!). That means, unless I get the shakes and need to come to work for a fix, I won't be blogging until Wednesday. And I know all of you cool people don't blog on the weekends (psh, whatever), but I thought I'd mention it. Just in case.

My fingers just might fall off.

I'm catching the DC fireworks for the 4th - if anyone wants to join me, come along! If you're legit, you know how to reach me, because you have my phone number, or you know where I live, or you have my roommates' phone numbers, or whatever.

Happy Fourth! I hope your weekend is full of apple pie, red, white, and blue, fireflies, Country Time lemonade, and fireworks (but from a safe distance)!

I'm going!!!1 Hahahaha!
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