Sunday, July 23, 2006


Because I know you guys love a good train wreck...

Okay. I met this guy last week at the Times. We kissed. He got my number. He texted me. We went out on a date on Thursday. It was great fun. Last night, he went out with me and my friends to a kickball party, then the Times. He was being clingy, drunk, jealous. I told him I was leaving, he got all clingy and sad and wouldn't let me go, I pulled away.

E and I got back to our apartment...I ate some reese's peanut butter cups, and we were recapping the ridiculousness of the night. Then my phone rang. It was him. And then again. Suddenly, the Mario Bros. tune that I picked out as my ring tone started to sound a little scary. E placed bets - would he call again? Oh, he did. And a fourth time. And a fifth time.

I did not answer, of course. When I had left him at the bar, I had told him that I was going to bed, and I did. After double locking the doors, even though he doesn't know where we live. I woke up this afternoon at the leisurely time of 1:10 pm to discover five new emails waiting for me in my inbox. Here they are, with my response.

1:32 am
On 7/23/06, G wrote:

Meghan! I miss you! I wish you didn't leave me! I am so sad and I am sorry that I may have screwed things up between us! I really wanted to make the guys I was hanging out with feel special, and I know they did because just before I left they wanted my phone number and want to take me out this week at DuPont Circle or something.... I wish I didn't neglect you so much tonight! I want to be with you, but you left me :-( I am truly sorry if I screwed things up between us!!!! I really want to spend more time with you!!! I AM SO SORRY!!! I spent the whole night crying to others that you left me!!!! I even used the "L" word, thought I don't want to scare you away by it!!! I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!! Please call me as soon as you can!!!

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks!
It is my lady, it is my love!

I MISS YOU!!! Please call me!!!


2:07 am
On 7/23/06, G wrote:

I was a FOOL to miss and neglect you the way I did tonight!!! I screwed up and don't deserve such a wonderful person. I am sorry!!! I really wanted to spend some quality time with you and I am sorry that you left me for broke!!! I realize now that I may have drank too much for your acceptance and I am sorry for it. I wish I could go back and not drank at all since I think you like me just the way I am. I am soooo sorry. I miss you dearly and hope that you don't hate me!!!


2:16 am
On 7/23/06, G wrote:



4:48 am
On 7/23/06, G wrote:

Wait a minute! As I am just starting to sober up, I just remembered that there was a guy all over you as you left the Irish Times! I know that he didn't leave with you, but it saddened me that he was all over you until you left. I am sooo depressed now since I screwed things up between us and you seemed to be looking for other guys :-( That's okay I guess since we were probably never meant to be and I won't be here for much longer..... I enjoyed the time we did have together though and I will never forget you!!! My heart is so broken that you left all of a sudden, but I know I didn't give you the attention you deserve tonight. Take care and continue to be who you are, you beautiful, gorgeous, pretty-eyed thing!!! You are so lucky to be able to get any man that you want while I must settle for a woman who can put up with me....


12:17 pm
On 7/23/06, G wrote:

Hey, I am sorry about all the crazy e-mails I sent you. I think I am just a little disappointed that I didn't spend the quality time I wanted to with you last night, then you left before I realized what a fool I was. I also apologize for the hint of jealousy I displayed in my e-mail below. I know I have no right to be that way and am just a little heartbroken because of our whole situation. You truly are a wonderful and beautiful person, that if things were a little different, I would definitely want to date you on a more regular basis and for a much longer time. I'm not sure that you would give me that chance, but it is a nice thought I have in the back of my head ;-) Anyways, I am sorry if I was a jerk. I know I drank more than I should have and I spent way too much time with those dorky guys trying to make them feel cool. I would really like to make it up to you and am wondering if I could possibly take you to dinner tonight? I will understand if you can't or don't want to. I am just so hurt remembering that you said you liked the sober me better and I may have disappointed you. Anyways, just give me a call later if you want and let me know. I need to charge my phone, so if I don't pick up, please leave a message. I miss you dearly and hope to see you again soon!


My response
1:26 pm

Hi G,


I woke up this morning to five emails from you, five missed calls, and two text messages. That is way too much.

First of all, you did not neglect me at the bar. I need my space, and it's okay if someone is not next to me every second. I thought it was very cool that you were hanging out with those guys.

Secondly, yes, a guy did put his arm around me when we left the bar. Which, even if I didn't know him, and I allowed him to do that, would have been fine. However, we've been friends for over a year. We were chatting.

Third, you do not love me. You know me as well as someone can know a person after one week. Love is something that takes time, and hours and hours spent with a person. You may think you love me...or maybe you love me when you're drunk, but you do not love me, not really.

Dinner tonight would not be a good idea.



Good response. Run far, far away. What a weirdo. Oy.
HOLY. Crap. is all I can say. I'm speechless!!!!! and shocked!!! Definately take Jason's advice and run far, far away.

On another note though I loved that list, especially "Her hair glistened in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze." hahahahhaa. ew!!
jason: advice noted. and taken.

tans: I HATE that one!!! hahahaha ew
Time to buy a third lock for the front door...just incase! What a freak show.
Nowak: no kidding. Do you think I can enlist JC as a temporary bodyguard?
Meg! I love you! Don't go away to the office upstairs!!! I know you said that you "have to" and that we'll "still be friends" but if only I hadn't come into work...I never would have met you and that would be terrible!!! Please don't goooooooooo!

(For the record, I second all the things that everyone else said.)
Mel: I know. I KNOW I'm super fantastic, the light of the world, the apple of your eye.

We can still be friends. I don't want to move. When Ronnie came in today, my heart stopped, and I said "too soon, too soon."

But the fourth floor is calling me. They want me.

And hey. Can you blame them?
[stunned silence]
i-66: The sad thing is...our date last Thursday was really fun.

Ah well.
He may be strange, but I better check him out for myself. I'm planning a wedding, but I don't have a groom yet.
pen: he'll definitely make some girl very happy. Just not me!

thanks for reading + commenting!
That guy is gonna make another guy a very happy man one day...
Megan! I wish you had not exposed me like this! That correspondence was only meant for you! By my message stands, I do love you!!!! I drank too much and I am sorry for that. I just need another chance! Just one!!!

*raises right eyebrow in skepticism*
Me! *sheepishly*
Rem: it's alright...but I really hate practical jokes!

I think I'm too literal/practical for them. AKA no fun :-)
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