Friday, July 07, 2006


does the homeless man read my blog?

Because he hasn't been there for the past two days.


oh, and K Voss sent this to me. I do NOT know what he is implying, but I promptly cut the comic out and put it on my bulletin board at work. ;-)

PS - E updated her blog for the first months. She'll make you laugh. She'll make you cry. Read it! (link in sidebar.)

I thought all women were in that society ;)
i-66: yeah...I'm a member a little too frequently. :-)
C'mon Meg...homeless people can't read.
Good point, JC. How ignorant of me!
E's updated her blog? What is it with you and people with one letter names?
pure laziness, R. And a half-assed attempt to keep my friends anonymous. We don't want any Washingtonienne scandals over here!
E lists her full name on her blog and she also sounds a lot like L based on her blog entry. :confused:
hey meg...thanks for your comment...i think you're the first one ever! as for your comment, i know exactly what you mean, and am trying to fix the situation (by fix, i mean leave) but its hard and oh so complicated. but no worries, at the end of this year, its done. love your blog.
Meg! Necesito tu advice-o. Where's the honest answer when you need it, eh? :-)
Rem: yup.

Boblaw: good luck! be strong. and careful.

Jason: !!! why didn't you tell me when you called?!
Well, I didn't want to be a bother, of course. I'll tty some other time. You should get online more :-P
jason: you're never a bother. Really. Email me or something!!

PS - I know a song that you might like...
Oh, I hadn't thought about that. *mutters something about the world of instant communication eluding him*
Hahaha, that's great. It's like a woman saying, "I think he's going to dump me because he sneezed four times today!" Can't say that I don't get like that sometimes though. I think it's ingrained in a woman's psyche to be paranoid and just a little nutty about guys.
CP: us? like that? naaaaaaaah! :-)
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