Friday, July 21, 2006


The dumbest smart conversation ever

goo: so...I forget. do we use "gray" with an "e" or an "a"?

mel: (takes off headphones) what?

goo: so...I forget. do we use "gray" with an "e" or an "a"?

david: yeah...

goo: I think it's with an "a." but I like "e" better.

david: I agree!

goo: because, like, it's so ugly with the "a" - all yucky and brown and black. But "e" is nice! like tea!

mel: that's actually a great way of remembering it. Because the tea is British, and "e" is the British way of spelling it.

goo: is that called something? mneem mneem nee....

mel: what?

(david looks like he's thinking)

goo: a...nemonic? mnenoic?

mel: yes, I think so.

david: yes, yes, I think so. right?

mel: yes, it's any way of remembering something.

david: right, it doesn't matter on the sound of the word.

goo: how do you spell it? m-n? n-m?

mel: M-N

goo: N-M?

mel: M-N

goo: M-N-E-N-O-N-I-C?

mel: I'll just type it to you.

Convo switches to IM:

mel: mnemonic
mel: pronounced "nemonic"
mel: it's like mnemosyne
mel: the goddess of memory
mel: mother of the muses

meanwhile, in the Real World...

goo: oh! Mnmnmnemosyne...

david: we're such nerds. I was just looking that up too.

10 minutes later, on IM, after telling Mel to check out the entry

mel: except i didn't have to look it up

goo: oh, right

mel: oddly, i wrote a song called "mnemosyne" when i was a freshman in college (or maybe the summer before freshman year)

What about Gray's Anatomy?
Neil: Is she British? And even though she follows the rule...I think names are exempt.

PS - comments from new people are like presents!

(not that comments from the usual wonderfuls aren't...but you know...)
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