Friday, July 14, 2006



I'm resisting the semi-annual urge to dye my hair.

And by resisting...I mean...casually walking down the hair dye aisle in CVS for no reason. And seeing a large gap in my upcoming schedule, and thinking that it can accomodate 30 minutes of hair experimentation.


It's fun.
It's a change.
New colors are shimmery and pretty and not dull.


It will probably look bad and unnatural.
In six months, I'll see a mild case of roots and get the urge to start the process all over again.
My real color isn't that bad...and I get natural highlights in the summer.

Ay, you look fine. No need to dye it, unless it's going to be something crazy, like orange, but even then that would only be okay if you were doing it for a facebook picture, haha.
This is why you're my favourite Goo-Goo Cluster, Meg.

Thirty minute hair experimentation indeed.

Jason: Nah...I'll play around with the special FX on my computer! Lunchroom consensus = shouldn't dye it. I might just get it cut.

(and yes, I polled the lunchroom.)

Wombat: I love your accented spelling. How delightful! Keep using that "u", please.
I tend to find that people's natural hair colors are usually prettier and more varied (in terms of highlights etc.) than they think.

That said, if you really do want the change, go for it. Nothing wrong with a new style. Just don't get too down on your original one. :)
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No need to mess with a winner.
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