Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I failed!

I tried to give blood today, but my iron was too low, even with my last ditch heroic efforts of choking down multiple bowls of grape-nuts.

I'm going to rally, take the vitamin Monique suggested, and give it another go in two weeks.

Who's in?

Grape-Nuts? I dunno how you eat that stuff Meg. It would be easier to eat the fridge door.

Uhhh did you try beef, broccoli, and spinach? Grape Nuts??? If I had known you were trying to raise your iron levels with GRAPE NUTS I would have made you a salad yesterday.
Wombat: It wasn't bad (I got the Trail Mix version 2.0), except that it absorbed all the milk. Yuck. And they were a biggish hit in the lunchroom - a friend spread it on his yogurt.

Mel: I has 90% of the DV for Iron! I couldn't waste time on no veggies. Speaking of spinach, want to emp it today?

Also! Are you on board for donating blood? Wombat is exempt from harassment, since he's in Florida.
Did you ask for the second test? Some people fail the first test, but pass the second. And take multi-vitamins! I am unfortunetly anemic and can't pass either one. Boo on that.
You know I'm in, since I told you this morning :-)

I've been looking for a place to donate blood, but it's not easy around here. I remember in college, there was a blood drive in every building on campus. It was hard NOT to donate blood every few months!
JW: Yup, she gave me the second test...I had never had that before. I needed to have a hemocrit level of 38, and I was sitting pretty at 36. Since I'm not anemic, I'm just lame, and have a poor diet. You have a good excuse!

CP: I found the building with the giant cross! Woo! About four blocks from the White House.

Hmm...maybe we should start a work blood drive.
hey I have too much iron, want some of mine? I'm glad I have an excuse, I think I'd faint if I had to give blood, I'm such a wuss, haha
tans: oh yes! I had forgotten about the yin and yangess of our blood iron levels!
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