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I love craigslist. It has helped me out a lot in the past year or so - most importantly, I found my job through it. We also got free sofas last weekend from the site, and E managed to convince some sucker to help us move the aforementioned sofas ad on craigslist.

I joined kickball because of craigslist, and I've recently joined a book club and a french club, both on craigslist. Who knows if they'll get off the ground, but I've made the initial connections. And, even if they don't happen, I've been reading the best book because of it - "The Map of Love" by Ahdaf Soueif. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

But I digress.

The point, is, much as it pains me to admit it, I believe that craigslist is responsible for the weakening of the dating fabric of our society. And that hole in the tapestry of love is centered around the sweet, sweet drug that is "missed connections."

At first glance, it seems as though MCs could only help the lonely singles who are wandering through their cities, lost, and struggling to find a shared heart, or a shared bed for the night.

But NO!

MC make the men and women in the cities weak, afraid, too shy, hesitant, too eager to use the crutch that is the Internet in the hopes that the cute girl that smiled is similarly addicted. We've lost our chutzpah, the nerve that is necessary to talk to an attractive stranger.

Here's a cute post. And no, it's not about me.

You made my day, Woodley Park Metro, street level. - m4w - 27
Just before 8:00pm on Wednesday evening... You have dark hair and dark eyes, wore a shirt that bordered between yellow and orange, carried a bag over one shoulder and wore grey earphones. I was the white guy with the very short hair, wearing black from head to toe with the black ear buds. You gave me the nicest smile, I smiled back, we passed each other and I caught you smiling again as I the escaltor took me down. Thanks for offering me a nice ending to an otherwise crappy day! I don't know why I didn't thank you right then and there but I'd love to exchange words next time instead of only smiles.

Now, I know this is fanciful, but I'm picturing a totally smart, hot, perfect guy writing this. That's another problem with the medium. I tend to idealize people...but really, most of the posters are the sketchy guys whose eyes you avoid on the Metro every morning.

But I'll forget that, because it's not important.

Imagine if he had talked to her? They could be on their way to happiness! Or, maybe she has a boyfriend, or has no interest in him, or whatever. But at least he'd know. None of this silly MC "I need more details?" business.

Down with Missed Connections. Start talking to those hotties in the street, instead of clacking away wistfully at a computer five minutes after the brief passing.

Present company (and roomates) excluded, of course...but Craigslist is basically the online equivalent of a Star Trek convention: A bunch of nerds harboring no social skills who "reach out" to other nerds in hopes of getting someone to finally have sex with them.

Don't get me wrong...I've had some good experiences with it...when I bought my lawn mower. My efforts to find a roomate on there last year only reinforced my above hypothesis.

And if a guy isn't gonna let you know how he feels about you when you walk past him, or meet him in a bar, yet he rushes home to spill his guts in a glorified online petting you really still wanna meet him?
"A glorified online petting zoo." Hahaha, great description, and so true.

Meg, remember when you posted a joke MC to me, something along the lines of: "Seeking my short, curly haired editor on the floor above me, as you walked into my office and told me a joke..." and you actually got responses from guys who wanted to meet us! It wasn't even a real post that made sense!

I agree that Craigslist should be reserved to finding actual 'things' as opposed to 'people', apartments, jobs, and tickets.
JC: ...yes?

CP: I guess it's all about people holding out hope! Hope can make people do foolish things.

BTW - I just bought eight books on craigslist. Yay!
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