Tuesday, July 11, 2006


most annoying person IN THE UNIVERSE

That would be me.

I just got a caramel frappuccino at Starbucks, and I absolutely refuse to use their "tall, venti, etc" lingo. So I'm like "Hi, may I please have a small caramel frappuccino, with skim milk?" And the guy at the register goes, "So, a tall lite caramel frappuccino."

Whatever. Until I'm in an intime bistro in small town Italy, with the gentle rays of the sun bathing me and my lover in a soft light, it's going to be a "small, medium, or large. bitch."

Hell. I'll even use the Italian terminology in Boston's North End, or in other Italian enclaves in the United States.

But Starbucks! It's a glorified McDonald's! Let's all stop pretending that a mule is a horse, aight?

Hear hear!


Ciao, bella.

Oooh, tricky, Dearest Wombat.

(In case anyone is wondering, I accept "beautiful" in all languages.)
I hear ya Meg. I don't go to Starbucks often, but when I do I too refuse to speak their jargon. I say small, medium, and large too.
Yes! A fellow curmudgeon! Glad to know I'm not alone in speaking English at the local bistro. Know what else bothers me? When a place has two cup options, and they're labeled "medium" or "large".

In my black and white world, if there are two options, one must be a Small and the other must be a Large. One could argue that the medium is the size of a standard medium beverage...but how can it be "medium" if it's not between anything?

to reiterate, I know I'm the most annoying person in the Universe.
And hi. Isn't anyone going to call me on using "intime" and "aight"?

I understand why you say that if there are two sizes, one must be small, and the other must be large. In America's supersized world, it seems right to label a 20 ounce drink cup as "small." (Wendy's does this...wtf??)

But to me, that almost seems like a deception. What I'd be getting is NOT a small drink. Yeah, I agree that it's a little weird to call it a medium (if no "small" actually exists)...but what else can they say to convey the point, that "YES, this is a bigass drink...but it's not as big as our Effing Ginormous (tm) size!"
I agree. With the disappearance of the formerly accepted ounce amounts, anarchy reigns, unless we stick to old fashioned terms. Maybe we need new designations:

- a bit much
- holy crap that's a medium?
- I'm being a glutton, but I don't care

does that work?
now, if we trademark that...maybe I can turn my blog into something spectacular -)
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