Thursday, July 06, 2006


My heart belongs to...

- My grapes have loads of seeds in them. WTF? They are so seedy. One seed, I understand. But three or four per grape? That's just ridiculous, and really makes me question whether or not it's worth the effort. And thanks to the horrific news reports of last summer, I keep expecting to find a black widow nestled among the yummy goodness.

- Continuing my obsession/new habit of escaping from reality, I watched a couple of episodes of Lost last night. And one episode made me cry. LIKE A BABY. It started with a trickle of tears, and it led up to a few escaped sobs. I think crying when watching a movie or reading a book is sometimes a way to release the feelings that have been bottling up. Maybe you don't have the energy, or the massive amounts of self-pity that it takes to let out a wail, and watching a sad movie gives you the excuse to just let it out. And in that vein, if anyone wants an excuse to cry their eyes out, watch "Jack Frost".

And now, totally disregarding my last point, imagine the power that some people be able to make people cry. To give people the chills. To make them really feel things, just by watching a scene, or reading a chapter. It's amazing that acting and words on a page can do that.

- While at a National's game last Sunday, I was examining the new $10 bill in my hand. Ostensibly, I was pondering whether or not the dipping dots ("the ice cream of the future" for the past 15 years or so) were worth $4.50, but all of a sudden, it came to me. Hamilton is totally hot.

Don't get busted by them Secret Service agents for scanning in money!
Brilliantly smart, full head of hair, snappy dresser, his own denomination.

I can see why you think he's The Man, Meg.

nowak: Don't worry, it says "speciman"! And I got it from wikipedia, I think. We all know that I don't have any $10 bills, silly.

Wombat: You forgot "brave"! He's so dreamy. I've reached a new low, falling in like with 18th century men.
At least you didn't find him on Craigslist...

...or maybe you should ask Elle about that.
JC: I know, isn't that awesome?! I'm so jealous! A REAL MISSED CONNECTION! Good thing you found it!!
seedless green grapes > any other grapes
i-66: totally agree.
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