Monday, July 24, 2006


so, about that.

"I hope you find someone else, somewhere in your say I should stay with you. That Jesus forgives you. You pray I will, but I won't. The difference is...Jesus loves you. I don't."
- Danielle Peck, "I Don't"

(for the record, I have nothing to "forgive him" about - I thought the song was appropriate, though.)

I'm really just writing to get over the unpleasantness that is the previous post. I know I'm a wuss/a baby/what have you, but stuff like that really freaks me out/unnerves me. Oh, and G had thought that I was super nice, and I told him that I'm secretly a bitch. For all of you still under the mistaken impression that I'm a nice person - consider that I posted his emails on a BLOG. Bitchiest move of the century. The witch is unveiled!

I dyed my hair last night (perhaps to go incognito?)...I went with "Cinnaberry" from Natural Instincts. I was waffling in the Rite-Aid aisle, while juggling lotion, band-aids, ibuprofin, and neosporin (hey, it never hurts to be prepared!), and E pushed me over the edge with her encouraging words.

After staring intensely at the box for two hours, I rallied and performed a late-night dye job. Whenever I'm rinsing out my hair, I always have this brief thought that I'm in "Psycho" as I watch the dye run down my skin and the walls of the shower.

Luckily, that doesn't last long. I didn't have much time to examine my new hue, as it was midnight, and my bedtime was long overdue. My bathroom is rather dark, so I ventured into the world this morning, not really knowing, nor caring, what my head looks like in the sun. Well, my burning curiosity is helped by the fact that I dyed it the same color last year.

Reactions have ranged from "I LOVE IT" from CP and E (aw!), to "So! Do you like it?" from my boss. Interestingly enough, my mom said the exact same thing to me last summer.

It's just hair.

(<-- what people with bad hair say to console themselves.)

First off, I REALLY do love it. It compliments your eyes and skin tone so well. (Haha, no, I'm not hitting on you.) But you are right, it is just hair. I think that people who want to be a little daring but don't want to go for a piercing or tattoo tend to lean towards hair dying. Nothing wrong with's not permanent and will grow out. The "wuss rebel," if you will. (Although I love yours and don't want it to grow out!)
That color was actually ALL THE RAGE when I was in middle school. All the girls who wanted to look older and fancier did their hair in it...and it usually just looked ridiculous because they were blonde to begin with and had like, brown eyes and a tan (I am picturing someone specific here, who had no business even TRYING to dye her hair anything like that color). looks super great with your eyes and skin tone (as CP said)...and I totally dig it.
CP + Mel: I love you guys. I might stick with the color and re-dye it in a month. Why not be that girl?

AND I talked to boss this morning...she said that she's never dyed her hair, and has always secretly wanted to. I'm inspirational!
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