Monday, July 17, 2006


Two things

- my little brother was supposed to get home from China today, but his flight is delayed. BY A WHOLE DAY. :-( He's not getting back until tomorrow! :-(

- my left eyelid is randomly super swollen. All Quasimodo-ish. I have no idea why. It was like this when I woke up yesterday, and it sorta went down during the day...and now it's back up again. WTF?! This is scary, because people say I have nice eyes. What if it never goes down and my best feature is ruined?!?!?!?!?



You'll be fine as long as you don't start growing a hump.
Is your eye pink? Remember, little Katy has pink eye, which is highly contagious. And not fun. Hope it feels better!
I hope your eye gets better, although I'm sure it's not permanent.

Would take a lot more for you to look like a hunchback bell-ringer, methinks, than that :-P

Sucks that he was delayed for a day, that's crazy.
i-66: the scary thing is...Saturday I gave my 60 + lbs cousins chicken fights...and my neck was sore. I was totally Q.

Jamie: no! it's been on my mind!! But it's just a swollen eye eyeball redness. And I didn't take any infected pretzels, so I should be okay. :-)
"I-66 said...
You'll be fine as long as you don't start growing a hump."

But what if her hump is a lovely lady lump?
JC...if a chich has a third hump you better get the hell out of dodge!
jason: sorry I missed your comment!

JC + Nowak: no comment!
Does it look like someone punched you? If so, time for a new facebook photo.
is it still swollen?
rem: I have no idea what it looks like, because I've never been punched.

shirazi: morning update: STILL SWOLLEN. WTF?

I did some Web MDing last night...and I don't think it's a stye, because there isn't any crust action. There's this thing called "eye herpes" and I almost freaked out...but with that, the eyeball itself is red.

My whole eye hurts from being three times its normal size...but it's gone down a bit. And I think I can see a little red dot now.

Was all this annoyance/semi-misery from a big bite?

(or, oh goodness, is that red mark new?!)

PS - thanks for reading!!
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