Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Where have all the cowboys gone?

The Metro was bizarrely empty this morning. And last night, around prime commuting time.

Did I miss a memo?

I think everyone just sorta suddenly came to realize that METRO SUCKS!!


So yeah. That's what happened.
i-66: I'm into the Metro. Especially when it's mostly empty!
Metro is a tart. A worthless tart.
i-66: THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS. Just because she doesn't work for you, doesn't mean she doesn't take care of her own! Metro keeps me by her side.
It's called summer vacations....
nowak: but everyone? all at once? ...why not?
I remember last summer when I first moved here, I thought it was so nice and leasurely on the Metro during the summer. Then the weekend after Labor Day it was like a culture shock, there were SO many suits back on public transportation. I agree with Nowak...summer vacations. Plus the fact that certain Capitol employees don't work full-time in the summer. Lucky bastards!
CP: I think I'm going to feel a bit of entitlement when that time rolls around...
Meg would like to extend a welcome to everyone in the lunchroom. ;)

Also, everyone in DC skips work in the summer, whether it's for legit vacations, or just for skips and giggles. It's a fact of DC summers.
skips and giggles! you're a genius.

*as this blog spirals out of control and I fervently hope that my innermost thoughts are cool*
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